How to Legally Drive Without a License

Zen Gardner – by Makia Freeman

How to drive without a license is an aspect of sovereignty that many people want to learn. Can you legally drive without a license?

What is the difference between driving and traveling? Is driving a right or a privilege? What do you say to the policeman if you are stopped? How can you best handle unconstitutional checkpoints?  

These are all important questions which we will explore here; if you want to know how to drive without a license, you’ll need to thoroughly master the concepts behind them.

Can you Legally Drive Without a License?

In short, yes – but technically you are traveling not driving (see below). However, just because you have a right to do something (in this case the right to travel), it does not mean you’ll never be hassled, intimidated, charged or even temporarily thrown in prison.

Rights must be constantly asserted and defended, especially in the face of a growing police state such as the one in which we are now living. That means you need to be prepared to defend yourself.

It’s not for everyone, but such is price paid by those who defend liberty and know how to drive without a license successfully.

What is the Difference between Driving and Traveling?

This might appear to be semantics or splitting hairs, but it’s not. The whole issue of how to drive without a license boils down to this. In everyday common English, to travel by means of a car, and to drive, are identical.

However, one of the biggest cons of the Law Society is the fact that they have their own language (legalese) which appears to be English but which has different definitions for some key terms.

In this case, as defined by legalese, “to drive” is to go on the roads by a motorized conveyance doing business or being engaged in commerce, and it is a privilege.

“To travel”, on the other hand, is a right, and no legislation can be passed to strip you of your fundamental, inherent rights.

To state you are “driving” is to unwittingly place yourself in admiralty or commercial jurisdiction.

As a sovereign being, you never need surrender your rights and exchange them for privileges. This is the way societies descend into tyranny. To exchange a right for a privilege is to ask permission for something (in the form of a governmental permit or license) that you are free to do anyway.

Is Driving a Right or a Privilege?

Driving is a privilege; traveling is a right. A privilege is granted by some authority, and equally it can be taken away by some authority.

A right can never be abrogated. Our right to travel can never be stripped from us; it is as fundamental to our existence as our right to breathe.

What is the Case Law Supporting the Right to Travel?

Judges have been ruling on this case for literally over 100 years in various levels of Courts. Retired policeman Jack McLamb wrote a great article citing some of the case law:

CASE #1: “The use of the highway for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common fundamental right of which the public and individuals cannot rightfully be deprived.” Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, 169 NE 221.

CASE #2: “The right of the citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, either by carriage or by automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will, but a common law right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Thompson v. Smith, 154 SE 579.

CASE #3: “The right to travel is a part of the liberty of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment.” Kent v. Dulles, 357 US 116, 125.

CASE #4: “The right to travel is a well-established common right that does not owe its existence to the federal government. It is recognized by the courts as a natural right.” Schactman v. Dulles 96 App DC 287, 225 F2d 938, at 941.

For further information including case law on how to drive without a license, I suggest reading the magnificent sovereignty guide by Johnny Liberty “The Global Sovereign’s Handbook” and watching this in-depth InfoWars video.

The DVD I Don’t Drive, I Travel is also very useful, inspiring and features people who know from firsthand experience about how to drive without a license successfully.

What Do You Say to the Policeman if You are Stopped?

The best way to handle peace officers, law enforcements officers or policemen is as sovereign, freeman-on-the-land Dean Clifford does in the video above.

Politely and courteously state your rights; know the law and quote cases if need be; display the confidence that you know how to drive without a license, and that it is perfectly lawful; refuse to be intimidated; and most of all, be prepared to have a long conversation with the initial person’s superiors.

Most cops are completely unaware that they are enforcing commercial statutes in admiralty jurisdiction, and that you can exercise your right to remain in common law jurisdiction.

If you are traveling privately and not engaged in business on the roads, you do not need a license.

How Can I Best Handle Unconstitutional Checkpoints?

This compilation “How to Refuse Unconstitutional Checkpoints” features some great firsthand examples.

Ask the law enforcement officer if they are detaining you (“Are you detaining me or am I free to go?”); if they say they are detaining you, state that they only have 2 legal reasons for doing so: your consent or reasonable suspicion based on probable cause.

State that they do not have your consent, so therefore they must produce probable cause, else they are illegally detaining you.

Ask them for evidence of probable cause; if they have none, ask them again, politely but repeatedly, if you are free to go.

If you have more questions about how to drive without a license, and others matters relating to freedom, you can call Tools For Freedom at 800-770-8802 x1, leave your name and number, and we’ll be happy to send you out a free print catalog full of freedom and sovereignty resources.


Attached are new genuine CA Exempt license plates. Issued on 5-15-2013 from the California Costa Mesa DMV. Total cost $0, expires December 2099.

This man went in complaining that he keeps getting harassed as he is a “not for hire”, not a US citizen, as he traveled as a right.

Possibly this is an “exemption” only from registration, true independence from the Department of Motor Vehicles would be a complete “not included”.

Exemption means that they chose to not include you, actually when if “not for hire” then you are independent by right, not by privilege.

References: http://www.apfn.orghttp://www.spingola.com

8 thoughts on “How to Legally Drive Without a License

  1. More than 20 years ago I was jailed for doing basically everything this article says to do. It can work in theory, but in practice? Only if you are a lawyer I suppose (because I know of a lawyer who used this and it worked). The problem is it could work, but the local legal systems need the money too much, so they’ll make sure they get their money before they’ll allow any old guy or gal get away with being a sovereign citizen. And UCC-1-207 without prejudice doesn’t work either.

    But hopefully, it will work for anyone posting here using the instructions above. Hopefully you are not breastfeeding your 8 month old daughter though if it turns out like my ordeal did.

  2. Does the horseless buggy belong to you or the State.
    If you paid for it with gold or silver AND hold the Manufactures Certificate of Origin the buggy is yours. If you paid for the vehicle with FRNs or credit, and the MCO was sent to the State, the vehicle belongs to the State and the State Corporation requires you to have a license to use their property. When you “Register” ANYTHING, you give up ownership. When you register to vote, you give up your right to elect candidates and the PTB can do anything with your vote as it is not yours any longer.

  3. Yes, just as we have the RIGHT to contract for work without the feds. or state
    receiving a single cent. The right to work is an inherent right, not a privilege, therefor, does not fall under taxing qualifications, unless exercising the PRIVILEGE of federally connected activities.

    Privilege and right are the key words here.

  4. I know how to drive without a license.
    Buy a tractor.
    You just have to make sure you have the reflective caution sign on the back.
    Then…don’t be in a hurry.
    I even heard from the locals in town that you can’t even ride your horse drunk.
    You’ll get a RUI…
    Riding Under Influence.
    I can’t make this sht up people.

  5. See Harmon L Taylor’s YT vid entitled The con of the constitution, which addresses this and many other issues that vex us.

  6. This is a joke. The cops don’t care what you know about your RIGHTS or Privileges. They’ll arrest and beat you regardless. DL. is right. Unless you’re a lawyer that knows someone, they’ll laugh at you all the way to jail.

  7. This worked for a friend of mine for years along with him winning 36 court cases about him growing pot. After years of winning the cops gave him a helicopter ride…. (taken out in the gulf of Mexico and thrown out)
    Ya, you can win but for how long?

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