6 thoughts on “Hungry?

  1. At first glance you’re sorry that they don’t have one literate employee who could change the sign, but this was the work of pranksters.

    The “O” from jalapeno turned Poppers into Poopers, and they were nice enough to leave the extra P behind. “Chicken” was “chickens” and the S was used to make “penis”. The “I” was a “1”, so they might be giving you 18 of these disgusting things for 2.99 (or 8 for 12.99)

    (we used to gamble on “Wheel of Fortune” puzzles, so I’m good at this)

  2. The “girl chicken” sign reminds me of those terrible propaganda stories about p$$uy riot in Russia. Frozen chicken in a supermarket, leave it at that.

    Oh, yeah, she’s a joo btw. You can count on them for amoral depravity in any situation!

  3. Reminds me of a high school friend who was cruising with me one night in 1963 and changed the sign at a local beauty college. Before he changed it: SPECIAL ON TINTS AND PERMS. After he changed it: SPECIAL ON TITS AND SPERM And it stayed that way for two days before they noticed it and changed it!

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