5 thoughts on ““I didn’t sign a contract with Walmart”

  1. “I didn’t sign a contract with Walmart “

    Waaaa waa waaaaaaaaaa fckers !

    And the pig was dismissed

    And now proven a tyrant and violating the people’s rights ( because you know he didn’t stop his behavior there) so when does he get demoted to Walmart greeter with no power no badge and no silly costume ?

    Huh Texas pig association ? When ?

    Anytime this type of shit happens these punks should immediately be removed permanently
    Violating we the People should never be tolerated

    Hey , he said he was familiar with the 4th
    So he admitted to willingly violate that Mans rights
    That right there should be enough to send them packing for good , yet for some reason I feel this pig never stopped this behavior and was never delt with within his tyrant club (pd)

  2. So funny.
    I didn’t sign a contract with walmart BUT you did enter an implied contract with walmar t when you stepped onto their property. That doesn’t give them the ability to violate the law but they can verify your purchase, disarm you as well as trespass you for violating their policy.

    Not saying I completely agree. But goose and gander being equal you can also impose po!icy on your property.

    Stop shopping at walmart. Then you don’t have to comply with scumbags and their policies

    1. So, Bill of Rights/due process is suspended when one shops at Walmart or any other corporate store for that matter?

    2. Not so, brother. When they take that license, “their property” becomes public domain. If they want to search anyone for any reason, they must have a 4th Article warrant with an affidavit attached. Even if they just want to look at your receipt, they are stopping you, hence seizing you and demanding to see your private paper without warrant, and as they have taken a license from the state, they have become state agents and as such they cannot get a common law warrant being a part of the underclass fiduciary.
      Agreed. Stop shopping at Walmart. With just unity and defiance we could be putting a hurting on these sons of bitches, but hell, I don’t have to explain that to you. The licensed merchants in this country have found out that they no more own what they think is their business than we own what we believe to be our houses and cars.

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