I Have Two Identical Pistols For Concealed Carry And Here’s Why

two-of-the-same-firearmConcealed Nation – by Brandon

If you’ve been around this website for longer than a few weeks, you should know by now that my favorite carry pistol ever is the Glock 27. It’s reliable, comfortable to carry, and it goes bang every time I pull the trigger. In fact I love it so much, I bought another.

But why?   

First, I’m very picky when choosing a firearm to carry concealed. If it hasn’t worked 100% of the time, I won’t carry it. It instantly becomes a range gun and that’s it. Some will say that I’m too tough with this personal rule and that’s fine, but I’m never going to change it. To me, 100% confidence in a firearm means that it’s always worked 100% of the time.

The reason that I have two Glock 27′s is this: If I ever need to use one in self-defense, there’s a very good chance that I won’t see that firearm for a while as it will likely be taken for evidence. Typically, you’ll be waiting months (if not years) to get your firearm back from the police. So, why not have a backup of your favorite carry firearm?

The point here is to not necessarily have a twin firearm, but at least be sure that you own two reliable firearms that you can carry because if one is unavailable for whatever reason, you have the other to fall back on with confidence.


3 thoughts on “I Have Two Identical Pistols For Concealed Carry And Here’s Why

  1. I just go from my single stack .45 to my double stack .45

    JMO..Glock 27 isnt for someone who likes to shoot hot .40 cal rounds, or reload to higher than factory ammo on the shelfs..
    they have an issue with blowing out the magazine and jamming , the cartridge isn’t fully supported in the breech so elevated pressures blow out the case and thats when theres problems look up glock kaboom on you tube

    Just my 2 cents but i wouldnt carry something like that, if it ment my life

    not an insult to you Paul or for your choice..but good info for you to know

    If you always shoot low powder factory loads than you may never see or feel this..but as life goes on and someday you may have to pick up ammo you really dont know much about,possibly off the street if you catch my drift? i wouldnt trust it in that pistol

  2. I have an XDs 45 and an XD 45. (I prefer Sringfield over Glock)

    Single stack followed with double stack. Hopefully I’ll never need to use either but both operate flawlessly.

  3. Hammerless wheel gun. No evidence left behind except slug. Brass wire cleaning brush after a few dozen strokes is enough to alter barrel lands, grooves and striations effect on bullet. Disclaimer: I know this from forensics courses not first hand! 😀

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