11 thoughts on “I20 Alabama into Georgia some of the smoothest roads in the United States. Always a enjoyable ride. 67 degrees

  1. Hey Mark
    do you ever get up to the North East ?

    Ohio , Michigan, Pennsylvania ?

      1. Cincinnati Newark philly Detroit long island Albany Boston Bangor just to name a few

        Every north east state at least 25 times

        1 million miles in last 9 years conservative

        1. If you know when you will be up at Toledo , or Detroit area , gimme heads up

          I’ll try hooking up with you and buy you lunch or dinner

          1. For some reason I thought you were in Texas.

            Yeah, sounds great EOTS . Looking forward to it.!

  2. Sometimes I wish I did live in Texas
    I’ve got a few friends down there
    Dallas and San Antonio
    Sounds like they are having more fun than I am

    Native Detroit suburbs all my life
    Than lived in Detroit for 7-1/2 years of hell
    Moved and kept moving south
    Almost to Ohio now lol

    The Boss has my info (Henry)
    When yer up this way hit me up

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