Idaho Town Repeals Illegal Gun Ordinance

id_fallsGuns Save Lives – by Dean Weingarten

Idaho, as with most states, has a preemption statute that guarantees uniform gun laws across the state. The laws have proven to be popular in the United States. All states have some form of preemption. In New York, courts have ruled that the State handgun licensing law preempts local ordinances. The laws vary in their application by state.

In the case of Twin Falls, an old ordinance prohibited the carrying of guns in county parks. This was in violation of state law. The County board understood the violation, and voted unanimously to repeal the offending language. From  

Commissioner Leon Mills said he took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and the new law does that.

A couple, Leon and Ann Martin, opposed the law.

“What about my right to be in a public park, in a public place, that is free of guns?” asked Anne Martin.

There is no such “right”. To even ask the question is to demonstrate a profound misunderstanding of the definition of a right. To illustrate the fallacy of the question, consider it in regards to another right, free speech. The analogy would be “What about my right not to hear speech that I disagree with in a public place?” If anyone had such a “right”, it would destroy the right to free speech. The “right” that Ann Martin desires, is not a right, but the power to control others actions.

The Second Amendment Foundation is working to have these illegal ordinances repealed around the country.

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