“Idiocracy” Writer Says The Movie Has Come True

Published on Feb 25, 2016 by The Young Turks

The writer of the movie “Idiocracy” says his worst fears have come true and that his satirical look of the future has now come true. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

10 thoughts on ““Idiocracy” Writer Says The Movie Has Come True

  1. The young turks? I won’t watch it for that reason alone, all of those talking heads are morons.

    1. Know those clowns in name only. The movie is spot on, quite funny. You should watch it, you might like the flick.

  2. When Trump says in front of the “House o’ Representin'” the line, “I give you my word…” let me know! I once on my blog made a list of the best dystopian movies ever, including “Brazil” and “Idiocracy”, and if I remember right these two made the most sense, as to likelihood of true scenarios. I have always looked at Trump as just a wee bit smarter version of ‘President Comacho’.

    1. ‘Wag the Dog’ & ‘They live’, DL.

      I hated this movie so much after watching it only once that I gave my copy to Henry.

      I’ve since rented it 3 times after moving here (only a buck). It’s as much a reality show now as ‘They Live’.

      1. Hahaha! Funny that you mentioned those movies, I just let my friend borrow a copy of Wag the Dog and Brazil. She already saw Idiocracy and believes the whole world is acting the way it is in that movie. She can’t wait to watch the other two.

        1. You can watch Brazil for free on you tube, just checked. I’ll be watching that one tonight.

        2. I loaned my copy of ‘They Live’ to a friend in L.A., and never got it back. My friend Fastwalker gave me a new one for my birthday (last year).

          I had heard of ‘Wag the Dog’, but had never watched it until after seeing posters on FTT commenting on it years ago… went right out & bought a copy.

          ‘Brazil’ I’ve had for many years. I have both the American version & the European one. 🙂

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