1. North of Richmond, Va – I95 South

    These brain dead idiots live to drive their rigs fast, then the inevitable.

  2. Every time I go out I see the fools . I was heading home the other day and it was raining hard I seen cars run off the road because they could not slow down. . You need 10 eyes to watch the fools . I like to lay on the air horn now when I see the fools texting at 90 .. be safe out there mark

    1. This moron came flying by me earlier, these clowns think they’re going to make more money by speeding, young punk big shots with just a couple years total experience.

      I see this everyday now, incredible stupidity @ 80,000 lbs. Many are empty, even worse because brakes are less effective

      Real head scratcher, ignorance at its finest. Many drivers from other countries, hired on here on the cheap.. Complete disregard for safety, brain dead reaction times, no idea what the hell they’re doing.

      These things are deadly as hell in the wrong hands.

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