If 6 was 9

The year was 1969

… I was just out of High School working Full-Time as Day Shift Chef in a Steak House for a sweet old guy that was very good to me as an adopted son …

My ride at that time was a Suzuki 118 that I was constantly wrenching-on but it was a beautiful piece of machinery and I absolutely could NOT kill it as long as I kept 2 Cycle Oil in the tank and checked the Crankcase now and then … at 35 cents a gallon I could see and ride for miles and miles all over the East Coast for mere penny’s and I sometimes rode with friends, so we had a loose Brotherhood but of course the Sporties were always in the lead …  

That year

EASY RIDER came out https://infogalactic.com/info/Easy_rider (Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicklesonhttps://infogalactic.com/info/Jack_Nicholson) and so many did not understand that Peter was the son of Henry Fonda; Dennis was the son of William Hopper (Paul Drake in Perry Mason); yet such was definitely a significant ‘Turning Point’ in American culture … but I caught something therein which changed my life forever and has become a Standard that I still live by; Basically from Jimi Hendrix: https://infogalactic.com/info/Jimi_Hendrix

Cover of:

“If 6 was 9” is attached hereto; it is NOT the original from the Easy Rider Soundtrack as that has been ‘pulled’ from YouTube but it is ‘very close’ and I do have the original in the Shop on Vinyl, burnt to Cassette years ago, and when I get this old Puter / Mini-Beast back up to speed I’ll cut that album to CD / MP3 …

But the Gist, the Life-Long lesson that I got from this is:

“I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die … so let me live my life the way I want to …”

Now, in my maturity I have learned and well know how to silence dissent and Controllers by turning this construct around on ANY Adversary and I merely tell them:

When you can die for me then you can tell me how to live my life !!!

Needlessly to say: I don’t have very many Adversaries or people trying to control me, and when I do they don’t hang around for very long … and that’s the way I like it;~)))

Jimi Hendrix, If 6 Was 9 (Cover)

2 thoughts on “If 6 was 9

  1. Ohhhh SH*T … I can NOT believe that Laura actually posted this as it was meant as a Personal note between me and my Dear Ones and Favorite Few; Laura, Henry and JD being firmly in that Group …

    But I don’t object, actually I am pleased to share the concept with ALL my Trenchers …

    And you, JD … WAKE UP, smell the friggin’ Coffee and Get Over this personal DISHONOR my Brother …

    We Love you, we miss you and we patiently await your return to the battle as you apparently have ‘no concept’ of how much your contributions have been to our Hearts; and to me personally !!!

    Pick up your friggin WEAPON Little Girl and get your ass back in the Trenches … you made a PLEDGE FOR LIFE: “Semper Fi” — and I will personally look you in the Eye on Judgment Day and call you to task my Brother Grunt !!!

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