7 thoughts on “If they can’t get you to eat it, you just lather it on.

  1. Needs more explained. How it’s made …how the body absorbs and stores…for how long….. Are umbrellas and staying in the shade the only answer for albinos and vitiligo sufferers? Expialadocious.

  2. Stopped using that shite about 5yrs ago because the bottle reads like a can of petrol. Can’t be good for you because your hide is your largest organ leading directly into your body with zero filtration. I did read that the fda (federal death administration) heavily regulates it as it rates an 8 on toxicity which is one of the highest, so I am SURE it’s safe!(sarcasm) Skin cancer rates have been going through the roof since their “sun is bad” campaign kicked into high and people are nothing but miserable, depressed and sickly for a variety of reasons, but I believe them blocking the sun via chemtrails and prohibiting our bodies from producing vitamin D, coupled with vitamin Doom plays a large part.

  3. Haven’t used sunscreen in years and generally don’t “tan” in the usual way, but get plenty of sun for sure (garden, walking-hiking in mts. etc.). I know (my daughter, for one) that some red-heads and lighter-skinned folks tend to get sunburn, but if that happens, use aloe-vera, from aloe-vera plants (not gels as one buys them in stores)…having an aloe-vera plant in the house can be a life-saver so to speak. Plus, suntan lotions/sun-screens smell terrible! Worse than “tide-pods”!

    1. And another thing–“Country Comfort” brand Comfrey-Aloe cream is also all natural. Unfortunately, one can no longer buy comfrey plants or comfrey cream in the US (that I know of anyway). Comfrey is a natural skin healer, better than those “skin lotions” one can buy, and also heals rashes (which I get a lot of!)

  4. Daughter is fair skinned , blonde ,blue eyed ..use of sunscreen all the time in the summer because she was a kid that actually still played outside

    she has Endometriosis , and has even had surgery for it , that was a complete waste

  5. Another thing most people don’t realize… while taking a shower, you’re absorbing all those toxins in tap water directly through your skin – fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and whatever other cr@p is in there.

    Soaking in a bathtub is even worse.

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