6 thoughts on “If Trucks Stopped

  1. Food and water shortages in 12 hours, at least at walmart Probably more like 6 hours. Diesel fuel, same thing…

    lower 48 mind you

    1. It seems to me that shortages will happen much faster than expected. When people first become aware of this crisis, they will empty store shelves very quickly. By the time some are gleefully finished raiding the toilet paper isle, they’ll discover the food is gone.
      “Get your free sandwich, as you exit the mobile vaccine station”.

  2. If trucking stopped rural America would go bonkers…. We have lots of stuff stocked up but still… 2 hours to nearest Walmart (Fort Stockton or Pecos), 3 1/2 hours to nearest Super Walmart (El Paso or Midland-Odessa)…. which, if we went there, would be out of stock anyway!

    Order from Amazon? Then just how the heck would it get delivered?

    Yep, Mark, you guys are as essential as first responders, at least. Maybe moreso. Hope you get through the Nor’east storm okay.

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