Illegally Elected President – Still Flapping His Gums – Millions in the Bank

One of the largest con jobs put upon the American National, keeps on keepin’ on.

The Kenyan born, bred and fed circus clown cannot seem to shut his yap, as he takes credit for the continued con of a supposed favorable economy; numbers just don’t add up, never have, never will.  

I am considered middle class, yet my income hasn’t met the incredible rise in the basic cost of living. The amount of my income is a joke, only half of required amount to achieve a decent life, seemingly only achieved by gangsters and employees for the federal government.

After 12 years employed in the trucking industry, I’m still struggling to achieve the American dream; a good life, home, car, medical security, the basics. I won’t go into details, but it’s just isn’t happening.

Unmarried, no car, no house, still hard to make it. Only a few of us lucky enough to make it out here, mainly the ones who own their own trucking company with established accounts, are able to have a decent life and medical.

In the mean time, the pathetic ex street corner thug, who was the front man for corruption, the conman who ran interference for the JEW overlords, has million dollar properties all over the world, travels like a Saudi Prince, eats like a Kenyan king, millions of dollars in the bank, schools American Nationals on how he has made America a better place.

Could somebody please explain to me how this is possible? Better yet, how this conman even happened?

6 thoughts on “Illegally Elected President – Still Flapping His Gums – Millions in the Bank

  1. Sure..I can explain it. First, I feel your pain as I’m in a similar situation…I have no mortgage, we don’t eat out, we haven’t been on a vacation in over 12 years, yet with both of us working, we barely scrape by.
    Barry’s mom was a government spook, his dad was an African national. He was raised by grandparents who have been proven to be CIA spooks. He has always been a member of the club.

    1. Frank Marshall Davis is still considered a “theory”…he married white woman Helen Canfield…they had 5 children together…a blood test will prove if Barry is a half brother.

  2. I’m totally amazed and confused as well. At least he should be facing serious charges for all the things everyone clearly knows he is guilty of. There’s plenty of proof, and plenty of hatred for him, so why the lack of any action against him and his cohort Hillary?

  3. Benghazi was a conspiracy theory?
    Oh really? But that’s what Obama said just last week.
    The judge Cooper at the Benghazi trial last January was the 4 year room mate at Yale to Susan Rices brother,..Emmett John Rice Jr.
    Sure sounds like a conflict of interest.
    Unfortunately Americans had 8 years to research Obama….his maternal and paternal past…yet few did.

  4. Hang in there, Mark. So many of us have similar challenges. At least you have family here. Sure it’s only online, but so much of it rings true. Valuable, in terms of all the false that’s out there.



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