Illinois Governor Open To Send State Troops To Combat Chicago Violence

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CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he’s open to sending National Guard troops or state police to assist Chicago police with curbing violence if city officials want the help.

He says state police have helped in places like East St. Louis, but only when local authorities coordinate things.  

Quinn says he hasn’t been approached by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel yet.

The governor’s comments follow a mass shooting at a park on Chicago’s southwest side Thursday night. Thirteen people were wounded, including a 3-year-old boy.

That shooting happened in an area that Chicago’s top police official referred to as a “high gang-conflict zone.” The park is between two other areas that police have flooded with officers as part of stepped-up patrols.

It’s not the first time state resources have been considered for the city’s violence problem. The issue was brought up in 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Illinois Governor Open To Send State Troops To Combat Chicago Violence

  1. I doubt the National Guard will be used to combat gang violence. If they wanted to do that they would have done it already. No, they are perfectly happy letting gangs shoot each other and having innocent people get caught in the crossfire. The more likely explanation is that the banking/gov’t cartels are to cheap to buy more security guards and want to utilize the National Guard as free security to protect their lives and assets.

  2. State troops to help stop gun violence? Now that is completely ridiculous!

    Never let a good crisis go to waste. Isn’t that what you teach your people, Rahm?

    You know, people are forgetting one thing. If police consider themselves to be above the law, enjoy getting away with murder and putting the fear into everyone, then why do they want to make themselves look weak by asking for DHS, FBI or even state troops? I thought they were supposed to be tough.

    Oh that’s right! That’s only if people aren’t shooting back at them. Got it! Otherwise, they send in the troops. Silly me.

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