Illuminati Exposed – Putin Supports Zionist Israel, Not the Real Jews

Published on Jul 29, 2014 by Dahboo777

The world is stage……And also a slave colony!
We have been sold out by our own leaders, Who have done so to get Favor from the Entity they Worship! Some can’t handle the Truth…they will fall back asleep!…

12 thoughts on “Illuminati Exposed – Putin Supports Zionist Israel, Not the Real Jews

  1. Sorry, I’m not buying this one dahboo.I like your work but I do have to disagree with you on this one. When was this picture taken? In what context was this photo taken? Shaking hands with Satanyahoo does not prove that Putin is down for slaughtering Palestinians. Just my opinion.

  2. The ignorance of the West – “Useful Idiots”.

    Putin was born a Jew, both his parents were Jewish. Putin’s father was the chief chef or cook for both Lenin and Stalin and a member of the Communist Party. Putin and his mother “converted” to Orthodox Christianity in 1960, as many Jews in Russia have done in order to hide their Jewish ancestry against the background of the murder of over 66 million Russians, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Polish, etc, by the Jews in Russia’s Communist government. Of the 502 highest offices in the first Soviet Government in 1917, over 467 were Jews. Alexander Solzenitzyn writes in his last book on the history of Russia how the Jews murdered over 66 million of their people. All the torture chambers, gulags, camps, etc, were commanded and run by Jews.
    “Marranos” 0r Crypto-Secret Jews, Spanish term for Jews who have faked conversion in order to hide their background, but secretly continue to practice their Jewry in secret and to undermine religions and governments.
    John Kerry, Madeline Albright, General Wesley Clark, all outed as Jews, geez I didn’t know my parents, brothers, sisters, and all my family for centuries have been Jewish. Nancy Pelosi and her husband are from generations of Argentinian Jews, Supreme Justice Sotomayer is from generations of Latin American Jews, these are “Marranos”.
    Putins intention is to attack the West when ready and the shame is that the West, in its greed are no better.

  3. I still maintain my position that he is working with the Zionists and is controlled opposition. Whether he is actually a Zionist or not makes no difference at this point to me.

  4. With all the crazy stuff going on, I feel our only refuge is in Jesus Christ..
    I tell ya something tho, we dont have to put down our sword like Jesus told Peter when they took Jesus away. That was then, this is now.

  5. Ol’ Vlad is controlled opposition. If he was a true threat to the NWO he would have been replaced/suicided long ago. He is a long time confidant of the Bush/Scherffs and has even vacationed at Walker’s Point with them more than once. The fairy tale of the BRICS alliance crashing the dollar is just that. This scheme is the next planned “fall of Rome” and just another chapter in the same history book. The story plot hasn’t changed, just the places & faces. The story is always about a villain and a hero, good cop/bad cop, or one side versus another. You can always bet if the opposing sides are on the same news outlets then they’re always on the same side. And it’s not yours.

  6. Yikes!

    Then I guess that means we here on the U.S. mainland can expect a nuclear or hydrogen bomb visit from either Israel or Russia. Lovely! Just lovely!!

    Do we have any playing cards left in the deck to prevent this?
    . . .

    1. Hey Cathleen, I’m leaning towards an EMP attack on our power grid which would also disable anything with a microchip in it which, pretty much, includes everything. Total chaos ensues. Our children deprived of their smart phones. I hope I’m not here for that!

  7. So who are the Real Jews? You mean the ones who don’t eat pork? Do you mean the ones who ball their wives through a hole in the sheet covering them because God says not to look at them when they’re on the rag?

    Or are you suggesting some Jews are of a unique race and descendants of ancient Hebrews?

    Much to the chagrin of Zionist Christian Moonies genetic scientists have found no marker identifying Jews as a particular race. They are a mogrelized mix of mostly Eurasians and North Africans whose ancestors converted to Judaism as the Irish converted to Christianity. Original Heebs have been identified as Cananites who adopted a separist religion, according to leading historians like Dr. Shlomo Sand of Televive University.

    So, again, who are the Real Jews?

    1. Real “Jews” are the true Semites. 90% of people claiming to be Jews are not Semites or Israelites but are likely Khazars or Ashkenazis. The word “Nazi” derived from Ashkenazi. Vlad is not a real “Jew” but a Khazar. A true Communist Nazi.

  8. Hey Dapoo,

    How much did they pay you to make dumb Americans equate Putin with Bibi so they agree to start WW3 for the bankers?

    Bibi may be butchering babies, but Putin is not. But you say ” They” are butchering people. Sounds like something a propaganda agent would do to mislead the 98% of Americans who are biologically incapable of intelligent human thought.

    You would have to be clinically and legally mentally retarded to believe Dapoos rant with no evidence backing it up at all. A photo of two heads of state shaking hands and smiling says nothing.

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