5 thoughts on “I’m sure you understand

  1. I damn sure don’t ‘understand’ in the sense of the word (infinitely malleable 🙄 ) as it’s used in the Admiralty law courts!

  2. ( to the communists. ..) And I’m sure YOU understand why I don’t agree with your “assessment”. If you attempt to take half of my anything, simply because you ain’t got?….. I will resist, even if it means using the samson option….. . Im sure you understand

  3. Yeah, the pie will NEVER be divided into seven and a half billion EQUAL pieces ’cause they’ll never give up control, will never surrender their palaces, yachts, planes, bombs, etc.

    How these socialists/communists do not know that they’re buyin’ in to their own take-down is beyond me. Only the dictator knows.


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