Immigration Reform – Whether the American People Want it or Not

The Obama administration is telling us that immigration reform will be accomplished this summer and this is where the problem begins.  We are not being asked if we want it, we are just being told that it is going to be.  Then of course if there is any backlash, the insurgency simply touts a few fraudulent, paid for opinion polls and claims those in opposition only represent a fringe.

This was a lie with gun control and it is a lie with immigration.  Prior to the false flags, removal of gun control was actually what was taking place, and prior to this socialist agenda to legitimize an invasion, the push was for getting the borders sealed and deporting the criminals who had crossed them.  They will not ask the American people what we want because they know that what we want is not what they want.  

Whenever a person illegally enters our country and taps into our resources, it affects each and every American national as we all have less so that the new person who has contributed nothing can have some.  If not for this dictatorial government how could we be forced to finance our own destruction?  If when each new invader arrived, they had to go door to door and take from us what the government is taking from us for them, how long do you think this would last?

The fact is these foreigners have already taken trillions from us and the only thing those we have hired to protect us from foreign thieves can tell us is that they have failed so miserably in allowing so many to get here, that the task of removing them is now too big to be considered.

It is all lies.  For the menial cost of $60 billion we could be rid of all of them and have our borders secured.  But if this actually occurred, the push for a North American Union would be stopped in its tracks, as nationalism would prevail.

A year ago, the communists would not bring the Dream Act to the floor as they knew it did not stand a chance, if for no other reason than the hundred million US nationals out of work who are outraged at the thought of foreigners having jobs in their country when they do not.  The only thing that has changed in a year is that more Americans are unemployed as more foreigners arrive every day to compete for the scant jobs left.

So, if immigration reform is to occur this summer it will be accomplished in absolute defiance of the will of the American people.   And it will have to be realized that the mass majority of the people in this country are being taxed while also being absolutely without any representation, hence affirming the fact that what is being labeled as the US government is a foreign socialist insurgency.

3 thoughts on “Immigration Reform – Whether the American People Want it or Not

  1. This is the NWO nefarious plan for the earth to be divided into 7 regions being implemented right under our noses. Pieces of the plan are similarly being put into place on the Canadian border. Clearly, we are on our way to becoming a Type One planet, which requires a global government. But equally clearly, that global government must not be comprised of the criminal psychopaths that seem to be getting the upper hand. The definition of a Type One planet is much more than simply having a global government.

  2. For several decades now, the government has been catering to foreigners by taking our money through taxes and sending them to many countries as foreign aid. Who is the government to take our money and send it anywhere? The fact is though, they have gotten away with for so long now that they have decided to take it to the next step, having the foreigners not only take our wealth but also take our land, our jobs, and before long our very lives. Every treasonous bastard that supports this insane idea of catering to criminals should be hung from a tall tree by a rope made of hemp grown right here is the USA.

  3. I read a while back that ALL of our tax dollars go not to the I.R.S., but directly to the Fed. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the article (for reference), but I tend to believe it is absolutely true. It makes perfect sense to me, considering their agenda, and the parties involved.

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