5 thoughts on “Important to look at this ’cause this is what is being sold – with music, to boot.


    And mom is down with it… the end product of a lifetime of t.v. ‘programming’.

    Not so with the scumbag pukes who dreamed this sick sh#t up, they’re terminal degenerates.

  2. And this commercial aired nation-wide during NFL this past Sunday.

    Steering and programming. So slickly disguised as love and acceptance.



  3. “People” who support and encouragement this brand of degenerate child abuse filth should be beaten with hands, fists and any available animate/inanimate objects on sight.

    If they actually are thinking of “the children”.

    They should be terrified to show their faces in public with that agenda, but instead the talmud-vision has warped their minds so far from reality they believe THIS is what should be done. Sk fks.

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