11 thoughts on “Imprisoned Journalist Pete Santilli Speaks! 1st Exclusive Interview! You Wont Believe What He SAYS

  1. So what does he say? I can’t stand to listen to the guy, so I’ll never know what he said.

    Anyone that will actually listen, perhaps you will post.

    1. Yes please , someone with the stomach for his BS … please let those of us know what he said that might be of any use to us

      Other than that this shill can go pound sand
      His credibility is not worth my time

      Usually these vids that “say” there is something significant in what they have to say end up a big let down and not worth the time

    1. So the FBI are saying that all their evidence was gathered by a second or even third party?

      Mistrial, hearsay

      F you FBI
      And F you Santilli

  2. These two have zero credibility. They are just another alex jones. Selling fear and worshiping trump, specially that skank Lisa haven.

  3. I’ve learned you can’t trust anyone on the net that do radio shows. I even thought I had found a couple of them, finally. WRONG. Never liked Pete, but if he really spent time in jail, it does make you wonder. He says he was from “corporate”….that’s always a angle. They satellite in people to side track us. This Lisa haven is a total communist. Watched another video of her and it just spewed out her mouth. Hadn’t listened to her for years, because she was so into Jones , another satellite .

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