6 thoughts on “In Texas NOW millions of families worldwide have already been put on the depopulation list

      1. Do you remember Katrina?
        How about the dew fires out west? Everything is connected
        A few store clerks here told me they had been notified to expect rolling blackouts under the guise of sending power to Texas. Of course they bought that crap. So yes that lady is spot on, it will be everywhere. Remember Biden spoke of the dark winter coming during the last ‘presidential’ debate with Don the Con

        My advice is get off grid as much as possible. Start with a few solar panels to start building your off grid system. Get a wood burning stove. Make no mistake they will outlaw wood stoves then you will be left scrounging for one. If you do find one people as they are will charge an arm and a leg for it.
        You can gather wood while you are in the process of securing your stove. I get free wood pallets around here. I gather twigs/branches that fall from the trees on my property. I have lots of those and they are also free. Those twigs are great for my rocket stove which I will use to cook on if need be.

      2. Test case, part two actually. In 2011, beginning on Groundhog Day, temps went from about 40-50 to single digits overnight out here in the Big Bend and mountains area in far west Texas (where due an overnight power outage or something our heat tape on pipes went out and our water and pipes froze and broke). Took about three weeks (since so many lost their plumbing out here) to replace everything; fortunately our POA community had a working water source. So basically, while many in far west Texas were prepared for this Big Freeze, most of the state was not and esp. Houston, San Antonio and Dallas where she is from. After this event in 2011 we purchased some gasoline-powered generators; we gave one to our son and family south of Houston and that saved their water and home….the folks across the street from them lost almost everything and their furniture is outside the house! Our daughter in a nearby town in an apt. got her power back hours before we were going to give her a propane heater to use in case.
        I just hope and pray Texans WISE UP AND PREPARE for the next one! Because even worse is coming…I suspect that in the near future “they” will have us rural folks near the border rounded up and put in big city stack ‘n packs….”Constitution-free Zone,” doncha know…. To “save the environment”…right!

        1. I don’t know, DL, I just wonder if they have considered the possibility that if the lights keep going out we are going to get bored and come outside to play. Won’t you be my neighbor?

  1. The speech was given by Dr. Eric R. Pianka the University of Texas evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert who the Academy named the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist. This Professor was given a standing ovation by the audience, when he recommended that 90 per cent of the world population should be eliminated. Are people listening? This was published very openly in 2006. What is occurring appears to be part of their planned agenda.

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