Incredible one handed pistol reload by Adam Sibley

Published on May 14, 2012 by triston316

Adam Sibley of “One Man Army” Founder of Sibley’s Integrated Combative Arts and 4th degree black belt Sensei through Bonick’s Martial Arts demonstrates an advanced Tactical reload with one arm by certified SWAT operative, Martial sciences Instructor, and certified profesional body guard Adam Sibley

12 thoughts on “Incredible one handed pistol reload by Adam Sibley

  1. That’s why I would never own a Glock. Try that with a colt 1911. Looks like a weak slid spring that can lead to a jam on extractions.

      1. If Redhorse isn’t I certainly will. I do NOT like Glocks at all, and I love me a quality 1911.

  2. Got a son that has that pistol
    Gonna have to see bout this

    I’m thinking the spring is gone , cut, or dam weak

  3. Cute trick, but having only one round in the mag makes this a lot easier to do. I also wonder if that’s a weak recoil spring. (And what’s with the painted-on t-shirt?)

    Also, Glocks are not what they used to be. Around 2011 they apparently started cutting corners on materials and overall quality. Getting empty brass ejected back into your face while firing is not uncommon with new Glocks. I also read reports of parts requiring replacement, slides cracking, etc., much earlier than used to be the case.

    I’m sure some new Glocks, and even most, work fine. But the risk of getting a bad one seems too high these days.

    Want a reliable handgun that will almost definitely last tens of thousands of trouble-free rounds before needing parts replacement? Get an H&K P30, HK45, or USP. FN is probably another good option.

  4. i found this while looking in on one handed reload techniques for my paralyzed ass……………

      1. now hal, you know good and well that i can’t fit that in a shoulder holster!!

  5. as soon as i get my technique down, i’ll get jill to send the vid to Henry. it might come in handy if your ever injured on your left side……………………………………………

  6. Without reading the other posts yet. I’m very skeptical. A small 45 cal. is hard to rack by hand, let alone by centrifugal force.
    Probably has to be a certain type of gun and maybe a non-standard return spring.

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