Infowars did not hire Oath Keepers


The corporate media insists Oath Keepers were hired by Alex Jones and Infowars to protect journalists in Ferguson, Missouri.

Newsweek reported this morning:

Led by a man who gave his name only as John, the group, whose members wore bulletproof vests and carried sidearms in addition to combat-style rifles, said they had come to protect a journalist from the conservative “” Web site.

Despite the remark by “John,” Infowars did not hire the Oath Keepers to protect its journalists reporting from the embattled Missouri city.

The Oath Keepers went to Ferguson on their own without consulting with Infowars.

This was confirmed by Infowars reporter Joe Biggs from Ferguson this morning. He said the Oath Keepers arrived in Ferguson to assist business owners and residents protect their property from looters and arsonists.

The claim allegedly made by a member of the Oath Keepers has provided a pretext for CBS News to link Alex Jones and Infowars to extremist groups, including white supremacists.

2 thoughts on “Infowars did not hire Oath Keepers

  1. Technically, they are telling the truth. The feds sent them there and paid both the Oathbreakers and Infowhores with OUR money.

    The concept of keeping your oath to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is inherently something that should be done, which is exactly why the feds have co-opted them to lead this false opposition and stir some s**t up and discredit us.

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