Iowa Students to Wear Heart Rate Monitors

PHOTO: A pulse trace monitor is shown in this undated file photo.ABC News

Students going back to school in Dubuque, Iowa, are going to find it a little harder to slack off in gym.

Public middle and high school students will have to wear heart rate monitors in gym class to make sure they are actually being physically active.  

“It will be a large portion of their grade, because we want to grade them on what they’re actually doing in our class,” Dubuque Schools Athletic and Wellness Director Amy Hawkins told ABC News.

Teachers will use the information collected from the heart rate monitors to write report cards.

“It really takes the opinion out of things,” Hawkins said. “You know it’s not really ‘I think your kid is doing this and this in class.'”


4 thoughts on “Iowa Students to Wear Heart Rate Monitors

  1. They just can’t let children live, can they? Now they have to monitor their heart? They’re children, NOT test subjects.

    Are these children 75 years old or something? They are going to get to burn off a lot of energy regardless. They are CHILDREN!!!! Duh!

    Why don’t they just put the damn chip in them and get it over with, for cryin’ out loud? It’s what the sick Satanic bastards want anyways.

    This world has gone insane.


  2. My Fellow Americans:

    The Commies at it again.

    This is the back door tactic to getting our children indoctrinated into being monitored in EVERYTHING they do!!!

    Solution: Its simple,.. tell them: “F-U,… and by the way,.. I will wear a middle finger monitor so that you can see my middle finger is constantly busy flipping the whole lot of you commies off.”

    JD – US Marine – Do you people get it yet??,… these commies will NEVER stop,… will NEVER give up,.. will never cease in destroying this country,.. until we have hunted them down,… every last one of them,… and exterminated them from our presence and from this country.

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