6 thoughts on “Is Chicago broke?

  1. Not just Chicago, the state is broke
    I have a sister that lives in Chicago. She told me a group went in on a lottery ticket and when they won they were given an IOU by the state. They took the state lottery to court to get their money.

  2. Could anybody not think this is a very big deal?!! Certain indicator of collapse. How will it spread? Detroit next? Which city will be the last? Boca Raton? Beverly Hills?

    The mammon snake. I wonder if it speaks Chinese. The mammon snake, slithering through The Republic not knowing its head is about to be cut off.


    1. Detroit has been broke for the past 30 years , due to theft from the inside
      It’s not just the natives stripping that city bare , but the politicians that think they are in power have been bleeding that city dry for so long it looks like a ghost town already

      1. Yeah, I remember the stories of auto plants closing and many jobs lost. Hello Japan!! Yeah, they chipped away at the soul of America, destroyed that city, and not just its economy/manufacturing base, but also its cultural charm and significance. I remember a time when Detroit was the coolest city around. Cars and music is a hard combination to beat.




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