Israel Apologizes To Turkey; Nations Resume Full Diplomatic Relations

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has apologized to Turkey for the deaths of 9 Turkish citizen-activists during an Israeli attack upon an international aid flotilla back to Gaza back in 2010. This is the 2nd bit of good news to come out of the region today, following an announcement that Iran will be given at least 3 more months to allow for a diplomatic solution to the country’s nuclear energy aspirations, putting off an attack upon Iran and potentially WW3 at least for now. Today, Press TV informs us that Israel and Turkey have also agreed to fully resume diplomatic relations between the two nations.   

Israel has announced a full resumption of diplomatic ties with Turkey after apologizing for the deaths of nine Turkish activists in an Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound international flotilla.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that he had apologized to Turkey during a phone call with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a deadly 2010 flotilla attack.

He also accepted Ankara’s demand for compensation to be paid to the families of the nine activists who were killed.

The deal was brokered by US President Barack Obama during a visit to Israel. Netanyahu had previously only expressed regret for the deaths and refused to publicly apologize.

7 thoughts on “Israel Apologizes To Turkey; Nations Resume Full Diplomatic Relations

  1. How much did AMERICAN TAXPAYERS give to Israel to make that fingers-crossed-behind-my-back “apology”. How much to Turkey to “accept” it? SHAME on America and especially that little dope-head Obama.

  2. OOohhhh…how sweet…..he apologized for killing 9 innocent people. I guess they’re nice guys after all.

    This just means the Turks have to die, too.

  3. Those who may have the opportunity should visit Turkey, it is the crossroads of East & West. The ancient city of Ephesus and if you you have a Christian respect the Home of Mary are very special. Istanbul is another culture experience.

    Food is extremely fresh and far from greasy kebabs but rich in nutritional salads, yogurts and is exotic, tasty, healthy and delicious.

    On a visit last month for my first time the tour guide explained the non fundamental Muslims and the openess of the country to all religion and a country which is enormously wealthy. One puzzle she had when describing the diet of so many fresh vegetables was that it was now against the law for a farmer to use the seeds of the tomato to grow a new crop as all tomato seeds by law must be purchased from Israel and will not re-seed and are not nearly as delicious as the original Turkish farmed self seeding variety.

    It was obvious that it was due to Turkey’s special interest with Israel that has protected the country from the horrific financial imposed ravages of the zionist bankers on next door neighbor Greece which is on its knees surviving on scraps.

    If you want to know who rules then all you have to do is recognize which evil bastards you may not criticize and which puzzling laws favor the few.

  4. Eight Turks and one American.
    The American kid doesn’t even get acknowledged, much less an apology.

    SOP. Israel kills Americans and American traitors run interference.

    These demons disguised as human beings also actually believe they’re the only ones who are making lists and checking them twice.

    That’s how smart they are.

  5. Would have had to wash my mouth out with soap if said first thought, so will go with second thought “Obama didn’t build that” ;>)

  6. It is easy to say your sorry and it is easy to buy some one off financially if yu are rich. How about chopping off a finger for each one of those 9 Turkish citizens to see how sorry he is for this to have happened. Saying sorry is only good one time and if it happens again then the appology didn`t mean anything.

  7. I’m certain Israhell’s 400 + nukes had absolutely nothing to do with Turkey accepting their apology.

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