3 thoughts on “ISRAEL BOMBED a Gaza food aid facility in Rafah

  1. Just saw this headline at CNN:

    “Hamas presented with ‘extraordinarily generous’ ceasefire proposal, Blinken says”

    Well, we all know Hamas is Israel-run, still I went on to read the bullsh*t distraction-article on exchanging hostages for a ‘sustainable calm.’ Gee, that sounds “extraordinarily generous.” Nothing about the genocidal atrocities and their aftermath. It was basically saying, “Let us continue killing you and taking EVERYTHING from you.

    Until it goes hot… Reminder: Disrupt comfort zones. Being unpopular is better than approving or ignoring genocide and moving oneself toward the same fate as the Palestinians. “Sustainable calm” is code for “HEEL!!”


    1. Same enemy funding opposite sides for the same genocidal purpose. Hamas and IDF = opposite sides of the same coin. And to “coin” one of my favourite Trencher phrases, “they both shit through the same hole!”

    2. the Kikes commenting on social media right now, are, to coin another great Trencher phrase, “the lowest form of life ever to slither across this planet!” Example: “Genocide: noun. When Palestinians lose another war they started.” and “it was never about the land.”
      They really are slimy inversionists!

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