Israel Gives Africans 60 Days to Leave: West’s Controlled Media Silent

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Israel has today formally started giving African invaders in that country deportation notices saying that the sub-Saharans have 60 days to leave or be locked up indefinitely in prison, a development which is being largely ignored by the Jewish-lobby-controlled media in America and Europe.

Only media such as the Times of Israel—directed at a Jewish readership has given the expulsion program any major publicity—but the Jewish lobby controlled media in America and Europe have barely mentioned it.  

This is in stark contrast to the media’s almost blanket coverage of any party or individual in Europe or America who has dared suggest that illegal invaders be expelled.

The first deportation notices in Israel were handed out to the Africans queuing today at offices of the Jewish state’s Population and Immigration Authority, ostensibly to get their residence permits renewed.

The deportation notices told the Africans that they will be sent to an unnamed African country that enjoys a “stable government” and which has “developed tremendously over the last decade and has absorbed thousands of returning residents as well as migrants from various African countries.”

The recipients of the deportation notices are left under no illusions of what will happen to them should they not go “voluntarily.” They will suffer criminal sanctions and have the payments on offer reduced proportional to the length of their stay in Israel, meaning that many will get nothing at all if they refuse to leave—and will be locked up on in prison.

On April 1, the Jewish state will start imprisoning or forcibly expelling those Africans who have not yet left.

The notices read as follows:

Notice on the arrangement of your departure from Israel to a safe third Country


We wish to inform you that the State of Israel has signed arrangements that allow you to leave Israel for a safe third country that will receive you and grant you a residence permit that will allow you to work in the country and ensure nonrefoulment to your country of origin.

The country you can relocate to is a country that in the past decade has developed tremendously and that receives thousands of returning residents and immigrants from various African countries.

In recent years it has been showing some of the highest economic growth figures in Africa, thanks to exports to Europe and the United States, as well as to the flourishing tourism industry. This country enjoys stability in its regime, which has contributed to developments in many fields, including education, medicine and infrastructure.

On January 1st 2018, the Population and Immigration Authority published a call to infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan to leave Israel for their country or for a safe third country within three months. Infiltrators who will leave Israel during this period will receive a grant of $ 3,500.

In accordance with this notice, it is found that, on the face of it, you fall within the category of the population designated for relocation to third countries and you will be required to leave Israel within 60 days, subject to a hearing.

The Population and Immigration Authority will provide you with Israeli travel documents, will finance your airfare, and representatives of the Authority will assist and accompany you in the process of leaving the State of Israel until the date on which your flight has been scheduled.

You may contact them with any questions you may have.

The grant will be given to you at the airport before you board the flight, and you will be given the entry visa to the destination country that has been arranged for you in advance.

Upon leaving Israel permanently and after passing through border control at Ben Gurion Airport, you will also be entitled to receive the deposit money deposited on your behalf (if deposited) in cash or via bank transfer to a bank account managed in your name overseas, provided you submit an application at least 7 work days in advance prior to your leaving Israel (it is recommended to submit 10 work days prior to the date of departure) as detailed on the information page on the Authority’s website.

Upon your arrival in the third country, a local team will be waiting for you at the airport to accompany you in the first few days. The team that will await you will take you to a hotel arranged for you in advance, where you will have an orientation and introduction meeting with the local representatives, during which they will inform you of your options and help you in your first steps in the country. You must cooperate with the representatives of the third country, and you can ask any questions regarding your integration in the country.

Should you wish to apply for a temporary ID card, by virtue of the arrangement with the third country, you must inform the local representative of the fact and submit an application for temporary residence during the orientation meeting or immediately thereafter.

Should you do so, the local representative will update you of the time expected for the processing of your application. Within a few days of submitting the application you will receive a temporary certificate that arranges your stay and your ability to work in the third country.

Complete information about the country to which you will be sent will be given to you by the representatives of the Voluntary Return Department, the details of which appear below.

Our representatives will take steps to contact you shortly after you leave Israel according to the contact details you shall provide prior to your departure, and in any case, you may also contact the representative of the Population and Immigration Authority at: 08-6837911, support via phone will be given during office hours.

Before boarding the plane, you will also receive a phone number of a representative from the third country with whom you may make inquiries regarding the application for temporary residency you will submit, should you choose to submit one.

The temporary residence permit given to you today will be valid until [date], by that time you must leave Israel.

Should you not leave Israel within this period, your permit will not be extended again and you will be subject to enforcement and relocation proceedings for the third country.

Please note that in the case of relocation, the monetary bonus offered to you will be significantly reduced.

It is also emphasized that if you do not leave Israel within the time determined for you departure, 33% of the amount of the deposit accrued on your behalf (if deposited) will be subject to deductions for illegal stay, depending on the duration of your illegal stay.

Before making a final decision in your case, you are invited to attend a hearing that will take place on [date], at [time], at the enforcement facility where your permit was extended.

You must arrive at the facility at this time together with all the documents relevant to your case. You have the right to be represented.

Should you fail to report as aforesaid, enforcement and relocation proceedings will be initiated against you.

The letter concludes, “We wish you success.”

7 thoughts on “Israel Gives Africans 60 Days to Leave: West’s Controlled Media Silent

  1. “This is in stark contrast to the media’s almost blanket coverage of any party or individual in Europe or America who has dared suggest that illegal invaders be expelled.”

    As if THIS should surprise anyone.

    jew rule-of-thumb – “Do as we say, not as we do!”

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  2. Sub-Saharan’s

    That’s a new classification for subhuman goyim.

    Just above a human cocka roaches….

    As Tony Montana would say…

    Hey…. they just opened up the National parks for mining in Utah…

    They have 60 days to get to Salt Lake city.

    Then the church can save some money on their missionaries. ..

    The new “refugees” can slave and be converted to the LDS church.

    Ever meet a sub-saharan Mormon..?

    Or how about this…

    A blond haired blue eyed sub-saharan polygamist Mormon. ..?

    Anything’s possible now in the freak show.

  3. I wonder what the “third country” is.

    I’ve heard there’s some inexpensive housing around Fukushima

    1. Molten rock-bottom prices, JR.

      Free $100 payout life insurance policy thrown in.

      Payable ONLY in cases of total dismemberment (all limbs, head included)

  4. I could say something
    Like , maybe the US should have thought about this a long time ago

    I know , that’s racist… oh well
    So sue me

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