Israel Is In Charge of Security for Super Bowl and Sochi Olympics

Before It’s News – by John Ale

BUSTED! Israel Is In Charge of Security for Super Bowl and Sochi Olympics! Why? Why does the US governemnt cannot be in Charge of Security for Super Bowl. DAHBOO77 recently released video explains “You heard it hear 1st! If ANYTHING happens at either one of these events , they will observe every second of ALL of it! There are NO excuses from here! THEY are the “Eagle Eye”, The Wizard behind the curtain of these False Flags!  

SUPER BOWL XLVIII : Security for the Super Bowl vs. Sochi Olympics (Feb 01, 2014)

CRAZY! Super Bowl Party Boat To Land At Hell’s Kitchen!


Law enforcement agencies ready security measures in preparation for Super Bowl…

Sochi terror threat: US concerns focus on region outside ‘ring of steel’…

Attack on mass transit seen as top Super Bowl security risk…

23 thoughts on “Israel Is In Charge of Security for Super Bowl and Sochi Olympics

  1. Great find #1! 😀 All those words from Cheneys old buddy and he never even mentioned isra-hell even once? Unless I missed it? Also, the one DAHBOO video, did you see the movie “Sleepers” was filmed in a Newtown,CT insane asylum. Ironic

  2. Yeah,man…I am only a 2.5 hr drive away from that cesspool of idiots. I hope it stays concentrated in their immediate area:/ Wish me luck!

      1. No:( Born and raised local. No ther family except 2 sisters in Minnesota that I haven’t spoken to in years. Stuck man. Crap! haha

          1. Thank uou, #1. Have access to iodide and a few months essentials in store. I hope it will get me through the thick if it comes down to it. Ready as I am going to be I suppose! 🙂 Molon labe to you, brother

          2. Thanks, Martist. All things considered, you’re probably in a much better position than I am if the SHTF. Without decent advance notice, there’ll be hell to pay trying to get out of this sh#thole (L.A.).

  3. You know, all the focus on the Superbowl is on air defenses with the choppers, no fly zones and snipers that no one is thinking of an underground attack ala Batman: Dark Knight Rises.

  4. “No one concerned about civil liberties or surveillance should attend this event.” No kidding. I sure hope nothing goes down at either event! Does anyone know if Israeli security is standard for events or just ocassional?

    1. Does it really matter, Katie?

      Israhell in charge means Mossad in charge. Couldn’t get any worse.

      Even if they had put the Muslim Brotherhood (controlled/bogus opposition) in charge.

      1. Thanks for answering the question. No, I suppose it doesn’t matter. If Israeli security is employed, then Mossad is in charge. Not good.

  5. Ye gads #1 Sorry. I didn’t know you were based there! That’s terrible. I was there only once for a weekend trip back in ’90 and that was enough for me. We have had a massive influx of mexicans here in my area in the last decade, if it makes you feel any better? I doubt it reduced the population there at all though

    1. Hardly. If it weren’t for the coming revolution, at the rate they’re coming in, there would be more damn Mexicans here (CA) than in Mexico in another decade.

      1. They’ll make more #1, I am sure of it and that is part of the grand design I believe. Someone will have to feed their offspring and again it will be used to further attack what is left of the middle class or lower middle causing further division among the citizens.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, Martist. I have no problem with those here legally. My ex was born here, to legally emigrated parents.

          But those that invade MY country with impunity? And think they OWN it?

          As much a target as the LEOs, or the blue hats, once the SHTF, my friend.

  6. Waiting to see, while the exhibitionists are performing, the Trojan horse
    is pulled and a infestation of mutant cockroaches come out. The
    mutant cockroaches being the enemy from within. They seem to be
    at every drill in America – they were at the Boston Bombing and who
    knows where else. Who in the hell needs them!

  7. Excellent #1! A+ vigilance.

    Now we all know that if anything goes down they are directly responsible.

    Hat-tip to DAHBOO77


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