Israel Primary Canceled, Netanyahu to Lead Likud Through 2023


An internal court of Israel’s ruling Likud Party has canceled a planned primary election for party leadership. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was announced the winner by default and will remain at the post through 2023.

The court, explaining its findings, stated that it would be unreasonable to spend $1 million of its party money to hold a vote, especially taking into account that Netanyahu would have been the only candidate.  

“In these conditions, the election is no longer necessary and Likud leadership has declared the winner as Benjamin Netanyahu,” a Likud spokesman told AFP.

Senior party members are thought to be skeptical of the decision, as it was Netanyahu himself who called for a primary election on February 23, less than a year after the last general election held in March.

Early elections stirred up controversy in Israel. It is widely believed that by pushing for a vote far earlier than expected, Netanyahu hoped to secure his position, as such a move would not let any potential rivals, like Gideon Sa’ar, to enter the race in time.

Victory in an early primary would help the politically embattled Israeli prime minister to protect his legitimacy as a party leader from challenges later in his current term.

Israeli analysts believe Netanyahu will appoint another Likud minister to the government. Coalition partners oppose the appointment, fearing it will give Likud too big a majority.

Netanyahu has been Israel’s prime minister for almost a decade.

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19 thoughts on “Israel Primary Canceled, Netanyahu to Lead Likud Through 2023


    1. Are you calling Netanyahu the “Anti-Christ” KOYOTE? 😉

      Likely such a person/entity will be Jewish…but for all we know, it’s really George Soros! 😉

        1. Well son of a gun! Back in 1998 or so when we first got internet (dial-up) I created a website and a ‘zine’ where I did extensive research into “Lord Maitreya” and Benjamin Creme of Share International. In the mid-90s I found out (from some patriot pulbication) about how Maitreya could preform miracles, walk through walls, etc. The title of the article I wrote was: “The Man who Would Be Christ.” I took down the zine (couldn’t afford to pay for the web hosting) in 2002. I doubt the article is still online.

          Thanks for the post, #1!

      1. Actually, qualifications or credentials may have been a better choice of words.

        This man has met with most of the heads of state around the world, and is well-known to them. He hobnobs with the British ‘royalty’, and his mansion is right next to the Rothschild’s mansion in London, if I remember correctly. He drops in on them whenever he pleases… needs no invitation.

        There are people pointing fingers at Obummer, Prince Charles, and a slew of other WELL-KNOWN persons in the world. Smoke & mirrors, designed to distract, as well as to help discredit the very idea of the Antichrist.

        The biggest problem with a WELL-KNOWN person being the Antichrist is this (imo)… the Bible tells us he will be an extremely charismatic personality. Regardless of how well liked any WELL-KNOWN person is these days, they’re ALWAYS going to have their detractors and enemies.

        But someone like Maitreya… as well-known as he is to the elite, conversely, he’s virtually off the radar for the general populace.

        It’s much harder to disparage someone you know nothing about.

  2. Just doin’ a rehearsal for November in the U.S. They can wave all the dildos they want, it’s a lose, lose either way.

    Hillary or Trump? Well, let’s see, a pile of vomit here, a liquid dog pile there, I guess it’s a choice between smells for the next 4 to 8 years.

    Stench beyond belief! They will spin shit faster than a particle accelerator.

    You will be mesmerized, hypnotized, at the “Amazing Kreskin” like magic that will transform Hillary into the Virgin Mary! Pure as the driven snow, as innocent as a young child, gracious as a mother, truthful as a pathological liar, Hillary, don’t you just love her to death! Yes, death would be too good so that won’t happen, someone has to oversee the end of the world. God I hate that bitch. I know hating is a sin, oh well, I’m a sinner.

    1. IM VOTING FOR TRUMPLERY!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BETTER THAN HIILERUMP!!!!!!!!!! USA! USA!! USAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Don’t think it can’t happen here. Obummer’s already got the gig lined up. One false flag away from Martial law, if we ain’t there already.

  4. “The court, explaining its findings, stated that it would be unreasonable to spend $1 million of its party money to hold a vote,…”

    Wow! Their fraud is a HELLUVA lot cheaper to perpetrate than ours! One million? That wouldn’t even get you a 30 second campaign ad spot on Prime Time Talmudvision here.

    “… especially taking into account that Netanyahu would have been the only candidate.”

    A true bastion of ‘democracy’.

    I’m surprised we haven’t ‘evolved’ to that point yet.

      1. LOL… have to admit, though… it’s plagiarized. One of the other posters here has used it occasionally (Cynicles, I think, or maybe JR, can’t remember for sure), but I haven’t seen it for a while.

        Rings true, does it not? 😉

        1. Israeli elections? That’s like saying your vote counts! It doesn’t, nor does it count for squat in the U.S.

          Until we kill these sob’s “It all remains the same.” Sorry, I see no other recourse, and yes, it’s gonna get nasty, but, to chase the weasels out of the woodpile, you do what you have to.

          Raise an arm against an American National, you deserve your arm gettin’ chopped off. It’ll come down to “frontier justice” in the long run, people lookin’ at their own moral character, to determine what’s right and wrong. The goobermint will be abolished and people will find that they can handle things in common law, which it should be to this day.

          But when you allow sniveling weasels to exist to begin with, that’s where the problem originates. Abolish governments, we’ll deal with stuff on our own.

  5. I meditate and pray that there will be earthquakes. …in
    Israel. ..Rome… and D.C.
    Sparing the believers.
    Yet sending a universal Godsmack to these snake usurpers.
    Keep an eye out…..
    I can feel it.

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