Israel Versus Judaism

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You say it doesn’t affect you because you’re not Jewish – – but, it certainly does when your own government takes the side which chooses the destruction of you and your country.

This website was created to expose the violence and oppression perpetrated by the Zionists and their State of “Israel” against the Jewish people who remain true to the Almighty, Judaism and the Torah.  

August 16, 2013:
Anti Zionist Jews Protest Brutality at Ancient Cemetery in Beis Shemesh

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Desecration of Ancient Graves

In March, 2010, Zionist archeologists began excavating ancient graves in Zippori and other towns in the Holy Land.
View photographs and read about the excavation and the violence that followed.

Judaism does not condone violence. Judaism demands that Jews be good citizens of the countries in which they reside and that they live peacefully with respect for and subservience to the ruling powers.

Judaism teaches us, that the right for the Jewish people to have self rule in the Holy Land is not unconditional. Since the destruction of our Holy Temple over two thousand years ago, the Jewish people have been exiled from this land by Divine decree. The Talmud tells us that G-d obligated us not to rebel against the ruling bodies, and not to take the land of Israel by force (see Babylonian Talmud tractate Kesubos 111A).

The aggression that Zionism presents in originally taking the Holy Land from its indigenous inhabitants is the first flag that exposes this movement for what it is — a real deviation from Judaism. Judaism forbids us from taking the land away from those who currently have jurisdiction over it. That such things should be done not only in opposition to Judaism, but in the name of the very Judaism it defies is simply large-scale fraud.

Zionism, once exposed, proves to be the greatest enemy, the worst nightmare, to the Jewish religion and it’s practitioners, that exists to date. Zionism, strikes out regularly at Jews who remain true to Torah and its precepts. There are many Jews who protest against the very existence of the State of Israel, and who are quite vocal, albeit peaceful, about their opposition.

Whenever Zionist policies or activities run counter to the Torah stance, Torah-true Jews come forward to unmask the imposter.

Unfortunately, they have many opportunities to voice their stand, because few countries in the world tramples on the religious rights of its inhabitants as regularly as does the State of Israel. Witness, the routine autopsies which are done against the stated, tearful wishes of the family. Witness, the ancient, sacred burial grounds ripped open with abandon for the construction of yet another mall, with bare bones, hundreds of years old treated to the absolute desecration of careless disposal, and the list goes on and on… Protesters suffer terribly at the hands of the Zionists, who try to quash all opposition and deal with their peaceful detractors in the most brutal fashion.

This fact, too, is yet another proof that this movement cannot speak for Judaism — because Judaism opposes aggression and would never sanction the bloodshed of brothers who seek only to remain true to the Torah. ​ Finish reading

One thought on “Israel Versus Judaism

  1. “Judaism does not condone violence” But the Talmud says “Jews” (aka Khazars) can rape Gentile children as long as they are at least three years old. And 1,000 Gentiles are not worth one “Jewish” fingernail! Only violence Judaism does not condone is violence against Jews!

    “The Talmud tells us that G-d obligated us not to rebel against the ruling bodies, and not to take the land of Israel by force (see Babylonian Talmud tractate Kesubos 111A).” No, “Jews” don’t rebel against ruling bodies, because they can buy them off instead and intimidate them with cries of “anti-Semitism”! Israel owns the US govt., so they don’t have to rebel against it!

    As for rebelling, you are rebelling against G-d by claiming that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is boiling in hell for eternity in his own excrement! Let alone rebelling against G-d by retaking Israel from the true descendants of Israel, the true Israelites, aka the Palestinians!

    The Book of Zechariah, 13:8, claims that two-thirds of the Israelites will be slaughtered before Christ returns…maybe Gaza is part of that slaughter.

    Naturei Karta, or whoever this writer is aligned with, is going to have to do a lot more than just complain about what the “Jewish” Nazis are doing in Gaza!

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