Obama’s Friends: Al Qaeda, Sinaloa Drug Cartel, ISIS, MS-13, Too Big To Jail Banks

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Tracing the friends, supporters, allies and campaign contributors of Barack Obama can reveal a lot about what passes for an American government.

Al Qaeda was used to take down Libya. I never really understood the official Government Speak explanation as to why it was a good idea to take down Libya. I do remember the article about the CIA agent standing next to Libya’s 144 million ounces of gold before it disappeared. Has anyone at a press conference asked either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton where all that gold went? And where did the $98 billion Libya had on deposit in Banks in NATO countries go? The IMF did come forward and offer to loan the new puppet regime a few billion dollars at interest. A loan at interest on money they created out of nothing.  

The Sinaloa Drug Cartel is the largest and most well connected Drug Cartel in Mexico. When former Mexican President Vicente Fox took office, he seemed to favor the Sinaloa Cartel over the others. The CIA favored the Sinaloa Cartel which was allowed to fly drugs by the plane load into America. This is normally only a privilege of the CIA.  Sinaloa’s bank was Wells Fargo. They laundered drug money for them and leased planes so they could fly drugs into America. The CIA and their business partners in the Mexican government tried to freeze out 300 other Drug Gangs. This started a Drug War which killed 130,000 people.

An example of this Drug Gang War would be the Juarez Cartel. The Mexican Army and the Sinaloa Cartel tried to take over that city. The Juarez Cartel made an alliance with the Zetas who had started out as assassins with the Gulf Cartel. The Zetas were ex-military who were trained by the CIA and US Special Forces. They are the most technologically advanced gang in Mexico. They are also the most ruthless. The Sinaloa Cartel was allowed to send 50 SUVs with hit squads through Mexican Army checkpoints to kill competing gang members along the border. The Zetas at one point decided to teach the Mexican Army a lesson. They simultaneously attacked two Mexican Army bases and an Army convoy using superior weapons and tactics.

The Mexican government has arrested a few Zetas and Sinaloa leaders. This is to teach the gangs that the drug trade is run not by them but by the CIA and the Too Big To Jail Banks.

ISIS was trained by the CIA and US military in Jordan. They initially attacked Syria. But the fun had gone out of the slaughtering of innocent civilians. The Syrians did not do well in the early days. They had no National Guard. The Syrians trained 100,000 members of its National Defense Force which both defends territory and aids the regular Army. ISIS then was directed to attack Iraq. They could have been easily stopped when they were on the road to Mosul in Iraq. The Obama administration had taken money from Iraq to buy F-16s but refused to deliver them. ISIS took Mosul and some oil fields. They also looted the banks in Mosul of more than $400 million. ISIS also seized American weapons caches. Of course they originally were trained by the Americans so they had weapons paid for by the US taxpayers. What the Iraqi government did need were either cheaper American A-10 Warthogs or Russian SU-25s. They recently got the latter. And they hired retired Syrian pilots so things are not as desperate as they once were.

Long time observers of the Mideast were amused when the supposedly new idea of partitioning Iraq was broached. This was originally suggested by Oded Yinon, the Israeli journalist, in 1982. The Israeli Likud party believes Israel has the right to claim all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. Too bad 300 million Gentiles live there. But Israel can always donate some money to American politicians who will send American troops there to claim the land for Israel. Well, maybe not anymore. America is sort of broke and a little tired of war.

An ISIS commander wrote a book. It is called Management of Savagery. It is a study in the techniques of Genghis Khan who is much despised by the people of the Mideast whose ancestors suffered long ago under his ferocious rule. He is the man whose style ISIS emulates. Most Americans do not care about ISIS and Al Qaeda and Al Nusra being terrorist organizations. They kill Christians and Muslims far away. 300,000 dead in Syria. We were told lies about sarin gas attacks. The real reason America attacked Syria was that their country was on the list of 7 nations the US military were told to conquer back in 2001. That list originated in Israel. Libya was on that list too. ISIS, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra gouge out eyes and behead innocents while accepting money from American taxpayers. Americans do not seem to care. The people killed are not Americans.

The Friends of Obama are coming to America. Actually, they are already here and have laid the ground work for what comes next which is slaughtering Americans.

The major Mexican Cartels have already replaced the Colombians. They are that fierce. They also have been working inside the US including states with few Latinos like Utah. They set up nightclubs, bars, restaurants and used car dealerships to launder drug money. They have been giving bribes to politicians far and wide. They have also collected intelligence on who in law enforcement resists them. The FBI recently had to warn 3 sheriffs in Ohio that they were the subject of death threats from Mexican gangs.

The Border Patrol has been denied adequate ammunition for training and target practice. DHS bought 2 billion bullets for non-military purposes to be used domestically. That means they are preparing to wage war against you. DHS has the ammunition they just do not want the Border Petrol to have rounds for target practice. The Border Patrol cannot be allowed to accurately hit the people firing weapons at them because they are friends of Obama.

The Border Patrol is being infected by diseases brought north from Central America. Some have stayed in motels so they won’t infect their families. They have so far caught chicken pox, swine flu, bacterial pneumonia and scabies. They have been exposed to Active Tuberculosis and chagas both of which can be fatal. The borders are wide open and Mexican gangs are preparing death lists of American cops. So can things get any worse? Yes. They can.

Obama is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into America every month with no criminal background checks and no IDs. He is allowing them onto planes with no IDS and no searches. Yet they grope your genitals because Al Qaeda might be in your underwear. So now you understand. The Sinaloa Cartel and Al Qaeda are friends of Obama. And you definitely not a friend of Obama. Test the theory that Obama is your friend. Go to the airport and tell them you demand the right to fly without being groped because Obama likes you as much as he does illegal aliens.

Amongst the juveniles with no criminal background checks are thousands of juveniles with Gang Tattoos including MS-13. They are, as I explained before, allies of the Sinaloa Cartel. They are known as cop killers. And they are also allies with the Mexican Mafia which runs the California prisons. Obama is allowing them into the country by the thousands. We have waves of immigrants coming here from Central America. The people back home see the posh resorts where illegals are housed. This inspires more to come. America will soon be burdened with huge numbers of illegals demanding welfare, healthcare and education. In 2000 less than 2% of the population of Butler county Ohio near Cincinnati were Latino. Today 30% of the babies there are born to illegal aliens. Where is the money coming from for these children? Not from Obama. The state and local governments could just fire lots of cops to balance their increased school and healthcare budgets.

The President of Mexico announced that the murder rate is down 27% so far this year. He did not thank President Obama for buying his criminals bus tickets to American cities. The crime rate in Central America dropped 20%.  Their criminals have been fleeing north. Our crime rate will soar as soon as the illegal aliens get over the chicken pox and get situated with one of America’s rapidly growing Latino gangs. When business is bad, the Latino gangs kidnap people. They do not think twice about killing people. One gang leader had 18 people in a drug rehab center killed because he did not want them to stop being his customers. A gang in a rural area cut off the heads of 5 men and threw them into a bar to deliver a message. Americans are not used to this kind of behavior. The Russian Jewsih gangs do not want to go to jail. They kill FBI agents and their partners if they get too close. The Mexican Gangs and MS-13 will just kill everyone in the area. They often write songs about the people they plan to kill.

In 2011 the FBI said there were 1.4 million Gang Members growing at 40% every 4 years. We could expect 1,960,000 Gang Members in 2015 if those numbers hold up. But those hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens coming here every month might push us past the 2 million mark in Gang Membership sooner than expected. I have said for years that when the dollar crashes prices will double due to devaluation. Then prices will double again. 100 million Americans will have no means of buying food. But they will have access to tens of millions of guns. We will have National Food Riots. And I have said those 2 million Gang Members will lead the way. Along that way they will kill cops on their ‘they suffer from terminal honesty list.’

I am still convinced that Wall Street wants a Racial Civil War to break out when the dollar crashes. If you are a Latino cheering for the Sinaloa Cartel, you will be disappointed to learn that the American Teleprompter Reader wants to get you killed fighting two wars. One Race War against blacks. And another Race War against whites. But this will be very good for Obama’s other friends at the Too Big To Jail Banks. Remember them. They stole more than $40 trillion from us and they want to steal more.

Moral of the story: Your skin color does not matter. A cozy home in the suburbs far from the killing fields of Syria and Iraq will not protect you. The plan is to burn every American city to the ground in multiple Race Wars. If you do not own a Bank, you are not a friend of Obama.


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