It has been said “In the age of information, ignorance is no longer an excuse.”.

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Part One

I wont go into how the gold and silver markets are manipulated or why it is wise decision to invest in gold and silver, what I will do is demonstrate how worthless “money” is in 2014. I will be discussing the US financial system, US markets, and the Federal Reserve. In order to put a monetary value on gold and silver we have to understand what money is, There are two types of money in 2014. Many financial experts, when referring to the government funding its debt or “quantitative easing”-(QE) speak of “printing money”. The term printing money is an obsolete term in 2014, in 2014 there are two types of money one type is printed money, the other type is electronic money or “E-money/Digital money”. People use to commute on horseback, phones use to be made of wood, and money use to be printed. We are in 2014 and this is the computer age. The amount of printed money in circulation is minuscule when compared to the amount of money in electronic circulation. In researching these two types of money I crunched the numbers in my mind for two-three minutes considering national finance and international commerce and how much of that money is in printed form and how much is electronic form and came up with the number .003%. .003% Represents the printed amount of money in circulation versus the electronic amount of money in circulation, So therefore of all (US) money in circulation, nationally and internationally paper “printed” money represents only .003% of that amount. The rest is electronic money. A few days later in my research i stumbled upon an article written by a financial expert who crunched the number for a week and he came up with the total amount of printed money represents .0003%

Lets accept that .0003% represents the amount of printed money of the total of US money in circulation. Now, what does this mean? Do a search on where US currency is printed, one of the cities you come up with is Washington D.C. . Concerning paper currency, if we take a hundred dollar bill as an example, there are numerous anti-counter-fitting measures taken in the creation of the bill. From micro printing, to water marks, 3-D Security ribbons, raised printing, holographic text, etc. on top of this each note is issued an individual serial number to track its creation, and to track it’s end of life destruction. Now lets look at electronic money, do a search on where its created, do you come up with a city? Is there a building address where it is created? Who creates it? By who’s authority do they create it? Is its creation tracked? Is the amount identified and recorded? Is the transfer of the electronic money recorded (its recipient)?  Are you starting to see a problem? Whoever the people are who create the (electronic) money, do they have the best interest of the nation in mind, or do they have other loyalties? Lets explore this.

Where does QE money go? A large portion goes into the US stock market. Search the P.P.T.(Plunge Protection Team). At major downturns of the US stock market the P.P.T. was created to pump electronic money into the stock market and financial systems to keep them from crashing, this was done for “national security” reasons but like many well-intention’ed ideas, has been completely corrupted by Corporate America. Have you ever wondered why when there’s nothing but bad news on the national scene the stock market goes up? When every investment fundamental points to a declining stock market yet the DOW goes up, have you wondered why? When a “flash crash” happens and its blamed on a trader with fat fingers (yes that actually allegedly happened a quick Google search will confirm) have you ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered why California has always claimed that it is going to go bankrupt if it doesn’t get “X” amount of millions of dollars in the next month, for the last ten years but yet they don’t go bankrupt? Have you ever wondered why a state that hasn’t changed its actions that metastasize into its problems has not gone bankrupt in the past ten years? Have you ever wondered where the money comes from that bails them out year, after year, after year? Here’s how it is done, $100,000,000,000… and send. Now think about that. It really is that easy. Its electronic money. It is created with keystrokes. This is your financial system. This is what controls your day-to-day life. This is your reality, As long as you believe it, it is real.

Lets look at how this is done on a day-to-day basis, lets look at the financial stock market there is nothing but bad news for the week, numbers reflecting national data of the economy are negative, international news affecting the stock markets are negative, yet the US stock market goes up. The DOW goes up. How can this be possible? How does the stock market hold a certain level during weeks of bad financial news? This is where electronic money comes into play. 500,000 shares of company “X” are bought for $20,000,000 *send*. 700,000 shares of company “Y” for $25,000,000 *send*. Etc, Etc. This is whats going on everyday in the financial markets. This is what makes our financial markets “secure”. This is what makes us a financial power house. And it is all an illusion… Your 401K is an illusion.

By: Fred W. Seymour JR.


One thought on “It has been said “In the age of information, ignorance is no longer an excuse.”.

  1. Powerful article. It’s true. I remember a 60 Minutes interview with Ben Bernanke when he was FED chairman. He was asked about QE and printing up $85 billion dollars a month to give away to banks. He smiled and exclaimed…”we don’t print money it’s all done electronically”. Then another stupid grin.

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