‘It was all planned’: Arrest at courthouse leads to confrontation

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An Oklahoma man who was attempting to attend the Oklahoma County Budget meeting Thursday left in handcuffs instead.

Ray Adam Modisette went to the courthouse with a group of people. They told FOX 25 he was hoping to talk to officials at the meeting about the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s response and actions surrounding the Sheriff’s Office relationship with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“I’m here for a budget board meeting so I can talk to the county about Sheriff P.D. Taylor releasing an illegal immigrant rapist into our community,” Modisette said during his arrest.

Bryce Crawford said he is Modisette’s business partner at VIBELAND Inc. and went with a group of people to record the meeting.

Crawford said before they stepped foot inside the courthouse, an officer approached Modisette.

“Outside the courthouse even we had a police officer step outside of the Oklahoma County Courthouse and he was already singling out Adam prior to us even entering the building,” Crawford said.

Crawford said the sheriff’s office didn’t want Modisette to attend the meeting.

“There were forces at work that wouldn’t allow him to hardly even get into the building,” Crawford said.

“He did go through security check. Once on the other side of that, near the elevator lobby, is when we were met with about 5-6 police officers and they told him that he was under arrest,” Crawford said.

Crawford recorded the arrest on his cellphone.

“I am a combat veteran. A Marine, going to jail for exercising my Second Amendment during a traffic stop which proves empirically I was in my vehicle I own with a pistol I also legally own,” Modisette said in the video.

According to the Oklahoma State Courts Network, Modisette was cited for unlawfully carrying a weapon on June 29, 2018.

Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma County Second Amendment Association told FOX 25 Thursday Modisette was “peacefully carrying a handgun during a traffic stop.”

Spencer said Modisette did not have a permit to carry.

On Aug. 13 a warrant was issued for Modisette’s arrest.

Crawford said he believed Modisette’s arrest was some sort of set up by the Sheriff’s Office so he couldn’t go to the meeting.

“He had a warrant, yes, and they took advantage of that and arrested him before the meeting,” Crawford said.

Mark Myers, public information officer for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, said they were set up.

“It was a setup that he completely set up. He had his camera ready to go, screaming misinformation. Once he got behind closed doors he calmed down and it was no big deal,” Myers said.

Myers said the incident had nothing to do with Modisette attending the meeting.

“This had everything to do with him having a warrant and being arrested on that complaint,” Myers said.

“We did understand that Adam going there was going to be disruptive and being disruptive is what we are attempting to do here in state politics. Here in the county. Here we are attempting to question the status quo. A lot of people that are in the establishment that are the status quo may be not so keen to Adam being there at that meeting discussing money and where money is going and where it’s coming from,” Crawford said. “He was there to address that.”

Myers said Modisette likely knew he would be arrested at the courthouse.

“Anyone who comes into the courthouse or comes across a law enforcement officer who is doing his duty and they have a warrant, this is generally how this situation ends,” Myers said.

Myers said Modisette refused to take care of his warrant ahead of time.

“He even reached out to us on social media and said he planned on coming down to Oklahoma County and getting arrested. This is all played out it was all planned,” Myers said.

Spencer released a statement on behalf of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association Thursday saying:

“This is a perfect example of why Constitutional Carry is so important for the state of Oklahoma. Adam was pulled over by an officer for a simple traffic violation and after providing his driver’s license was asked if he has any weapons in the vehicle. Adam stated yes and was ordered out of the vehicle. The firearm was removed from the combat marine veteran and unlawfully confiscated. Since he is an Oklahoma resident, he should have been issued a $70 citation according to 1289.13A of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. Had he been from any of the other 15 Constitutional Carry States he would not have been in violation of Oklahoma Self-defense Act laws.”

“For those that continue to state that a person must has a piece of plastic that was issued by the State of Oklahoma before they can carry a handgun because a person needs training is ignoring the US Constitution and the value of a U.S. Combat Marine.

“We find it very convenient that this arrest took place before Adam was going to exercise his First Amendment Right by being critical of the sheriff’s action with a rapist illegal alien in violation of an ICE detainer. They have known where he lives for over a year but today the warrant is enforced.”

Crawford said Modisette told him not to bail him out of jail, “On the principal of he doesn’t want to pay the state any money for what has transpired.”


2 thoughts on “‘It was all planned’: Arrest at courthouse leads to confrontation

  1. They arrest him but let a illegal alien who is a rapist go . Tell me where is the justice in this country the only justice we will get if we enforce the justice ourselves.

  2. “For those that continue to state that a person must has a piece of plastic that was issued by the State of Oklahoma before they can carry a handgun because a person needs training is ignoring the US Constitution and the value of a U.S. Combat Marine.”

    The 2nd Article of the Bill of Rights is what’s being ignored here.

    WTH does that rag, the Constitution have to do with anything?

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