It’s Time to Knockout the MSM and Broadcast the Revolutionary Spirit on the Airwaves!

There are those who say, “The Revolution will not be televised”. If I had a coin for every time I’ve heard that saying, I’d probably have my own private security force and my own MSM communications company setup already.

Too often we are made to think that the revolution will not be televised. It’s almost becoming a psychological deterrent that is holding us back from doing what needs to be done. We must hop over this stumbling block and face the MSM head on.  

We the People cannot stand by and continue to use alternative media outlets, as we will be waiting forever to move forward. Right now it seems we are at a stalemate and this is the reason why people have not really done anything significant yet, other than a few mass movements here or there. Even though we have weakened the MSM credibility, we must still take control of the MSM airwaves if we are to completely break the barrier and move forward. Otherwise, it is going to be a never-ending volley of back and forth, he said/she said games and nothing will get done and this war will never be won.

The MSM has become a wall for the government and the elite to hide behind and hold us back from moving forward. Like the wall of Jericho, we must sound our trumpets and Lord willing, bring the MSM wall down in front of them.

We all know that the MSM is a front and is controlled by the CIA, Mossad, NSA and every other intelligence agency and is the spirit that basically gives life and power unto the Beast, our treasonous government and our corrupt police when they clearly have none. All we have to do is knock it out and broadcast the truth on those same MSM airwaves and a new Revolutionary spirit will emerge.

Why aren’t we doing this? Why isn’t anyone getting together to occupy or protest the MSM communications centers, since communications is the very first thing you capture in a war and they are the ones promoting and publicizing this tyranny in the first place. The MSM is the information and communications hub of everything.

They want us to go dark by knocking out our power grid. Well, I got an idea. Why don’t we do it to them before they do it to us? It’s common sense! Capture the communications and you have all the information and means you need to broadcast and capture the foreign insurgents. It’s that simple.

Listed below are phases that are used to clarify what has been done to our society by the elites and how it is imperative that We the People must use the MSM communication airwaves, in addition to our alternative media outlets, to fight back in order to flip the current hierarchy upside down and to fully clean the slate and bring freedom back to our country and the entire world.

Each phase consists of:

1.  People

2.  Communications

3.  The country’s government

4.  World government/NWO

In the first phase, our hierarchical structure is upside down, as we have the elites’ view of total control and surveillance over the people through the use of spying, snitching and MSM communication. They first take control of the country’s government, followed by the MSM communications and then total control of the people through the constant monitoring of alternate forms of communications, such as social networking, emails, text messaging and so on.

Phase 1.

phase 1

Due to a mass awakening of people throughout the country and the entire world, we have seen a shift of power, as the people have decided to break free from the chains of tyranny and have attempted to fight back against the NWO.  As you can see from the second phase, alternative forms of media and communications have formed around We the People, bursting the MSM communications away in order to protect ourselves from their sphere of influence.

Phase 2.                          

phase 2

In the third phase, which is where we seem to be at right now, we see the people pushing back and using their alternative communications to combat the MSM communications by surrounding it like a force field, so that every story and propaganda piece that comes out of their mouths, bounces right back in their face, as we are countering their every word.

Phase 3.

phase 3

What follows afterwards is a revolutionary change in our communications filled with a new spirit. A spirit made up of We the People. A turning point in our war against the elite, as we attempt to surround the foreign insurgents and treasonous government officials, observe their actions and bring them to justice.

Using this new spirit of communication, the government and spy organizations are forced to go into hiding or do something stupid. The traitors are weeded out by the patriots, in which trials, executions and hangings occur until every part of our government is restored with representatives elected FOR the people BY the people. This includes all officials and representatives in our economic, political and military sectors.

Phase 4.

phase 4

Once our government is in order, we must not stop there. We must continue to use our new MSM communications to isolate and expose the world government, in order to prevent these parasites from taking control of our government and enforcing their oppressive tactics on We the People. We the People must not neglect our duty or stop at phase four or we will find ourselves falling backwards, once again. We must encourage other countries to expose, arrest and eliminate the UN, the Zionists, the international bankers, the corporations and the elite. These international psychopaths must be hunted down and exterminated or they will come back at us again like the poisonous, Communist snakes that they are.

Phase 5.

phase 5

Finally, after the world governments are exterminated, full sovereignty is put back in place and our entire hierarchal structure has turned right side up, as our goal has been reached. Freedom and sovereignty has been replaced at the top instead of world government tyranny. We the People are the head of the country, not the government. Our MSM communication is controlled by We the People, which then monitors and controls the actions of our country’s government.

The end result is that We the People are at the top and the government, which works for us, is at the bottom, as it should and was meant to be, according to our founding fathers, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Phase 6.

phase 6

As I have said before, we are currently at phase three. We the People are now suffocating the MSM. It’s time for us to tighten the wrap until its body shuts down permanently and a new spirit emerges inside it. The Revolutionary Spirit!

So what are we waiting for? It’s time for us to take back the airwaves and prove to others out there that the Revolution CAN and WILL be televised!


9 thoughts on “It’s Time to Knockout the MSM and Broadcast the Revolutionary Spirit on the Airwaves!

  1. The Zionist MSM puts out trash like this (below link) in order to ease the pain when they finally launch a couple volleys at Iran. This is the kind of thing that chaps my ass more than anything. Washington just cuts off the money (banking interests etc) along with a few other countries following the Zionist lead, and were screwed.

    Next thing you know the population of Iran wants to cut off our balls. They have been propagandized to death. Then Iran’s neighbors get into the act because their friends are mad, scared etc, that they will be next. A perfect prelude to a bullshit war. I lay the blame on Israel 100% because of this BS. The United States and Britain have had economic blockades against Iran since God knows when, starving Iran too death. Anybody would be pissed off.

    Most of these people over there don’t even now what the hell they’re getting mad about, they’re mad because their hungry as hell. Oh yeah, and well publicized by the MSM to further the “Three Card Monte”..

    1. How does that help our situation? Those machines don’t matter if the people who count the votes end up changing the number of votes anyways, whether it be on a computer or in person. Remember the last election? How soon we forget. We have no representative government. That’s why we need to take back our communications, expose these bastards and arrest them and then we can begin to re-build.

    2. The soap box has failed (they don’t listen to those they represent), the ballot box has failed (rigged elections for how many years, or go to the Supreme Court to rule about your dangling chad), and so that leaves us with the bullet box. They must be removed by force just like the Founding Fathers and the colonists did when jolly old England wouldn’t listen to them. Removed, tried for treason, then carry out the punishment they deserve, dangling from a hemp rope.

  2. We need to get behind The People’s Voice, the new people’s voice in media being started by David Icke. The new web based media outlet on the web. Do a web search and find out the detail and contribute!

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