Jack Tillman: The Survivalist (1987)

Published on Apr 27, 2014 by Video Force 1980

“His country destroyed. His family killed. Now they must face…him”

After a mysterious nuclear detonation in Siberia sparks Cold War panic, America falls into the ruthless grip of martial law as the Constitution is suspended in the ensuing chaos.

Self styled “Survivalist” John Tillman has long prepared for such a scenario, but will his skills be enough against savage, roving hordes, bent on looting and killing at will, and a murderously corrupt Military force determined to crush all who question the will of the State?

One thought on “Jack Tillman: The Survivalist (1987)

  1. No offense to the poster but that was one of the worst of the worst. Terrible acting, stupid decisions like leaving his wife and daughter undefended to go for his sun he was sure was safe in a cave.

    The military would waste time on one man when the whole county has gone primitive and even the police are powerless.

    I give it a two at best.

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