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    1. My thoughts exactly, Galen! They’re both the same. When will people ever learn? Two sides of the same coin. How’s Trump working out for ya, Jimmy?

      1. Yeah, through Jimmy’s eyes, Trump is playing 4-D Chess. The view from The Trench suggests something more like 1-D Tiddlywinks.


        1. Ok, let me make this real fkg clear you guys, I dont give a fk what woods politics are, I personally like the guy, great actor and hes damn close to becoming one of us, in my opinion.

          Let’s not turn this into a cluster fk. If this turns into something stupid, post will come down.

          Woods is good people, gave up his career because he knows how fkd up everything is. Simple as that.

          1. Okay, we’ll derive what good we can from him, but we also gotta call ’em as we see ’em, uddawize we fake.


          2. This post wasn’t about Republican or Democrats Galen, it was about him knowing the news is deadly.

            Yeah, you read too deep into it.

            Maybe I should have drawn a fkg picture.

          3. Sorry Mark, just a few more stirrings. Now that I think of it, Woods is advancing Trump who is controlled by Israel who are perpetrating genocide and Communism all over the planet. I wish I could, but I just can’t give Woods a pass. Please don’t be mad at me.


          4. And a few more stirrings, woods career is over, so now he is into realestate big time, this is why he cozys up to trump because trump gives big tax breaks to guys who invest in real estate. This is why Woods buys the same type of fruit of the looms as trump, the guy is making Woods a lot of money.

            Does he really enjoy smelling trumps panties? Who knows, the guy likes to make money, simple as that.

            Mad? How can I be mad Galen, I’m doing 82 miles per hour in a brand new truck, how the hell can I be mad?

    1. Well, since you’re already in Ca, might as well pick up Woods, detour to Oregon, and report back as soon as he’s seen the light.



  1. Any time anyone tries to sell the notion that the problem is democrat or republican, it invokes the false left-right paradigm. There are no republicans, there are no democrats, no left, no right, no progressives, no conservatives. There is just the law or there is not, and right now there is not.
    I love you, Mark, but as soon as Woods projected the blame towards democrats, he projected it away from republicans, which are the other side of the same coin. Make no mistake, when people like this talk about false news, they are not talking about the propaganda machine working in tandem to sell this false left-right bullshit. To pretend that this fellow can even conceive the world I live in or what I would do to every one of them by enforcing the law, is an illusion. I know you think this guy is headed down the right track and just doesn’t understand the whole picture, but I tell you straight up, brother, if this guy was talking about the true problem, his face and his quote would never make it through the maze of the algorithms.
    But, if either you or Galen could set me down at a table with this man, in one hour he would know and admit the truth or be exposed as shill for the people he is shilling for, as in shekels, oy.
    This is most certainly nothing for true Trenchers to even raise their eyebrows at one another for and every Trencher has the right to express their opinion.
    Looking at this picture and noting any kind of argument over this person, all I can do is shake my head. Like I said, this man is from another world and his people will understand my people only when they are walking up the gallows having received what they would deny us, a fair and just trial.
    Best I can do on a Sunday.
    Trenchers are like a family, in fact the American nationals are supposed to be like a family. Family first, under and for the Bill of Rights, and the Bill of Rights only.
    Have a nice evening everyone. 🙂

    1. Here here, let’s move the fk on, I hate it when I’m right . 🙂
      Times like these I wish I was on a lake, smoking, fishing drinking and laughing.

      Love ya brother!

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