Japan Marine Expert: Fukushima radioactive tanks may have already been emptied into Pacific Ocean

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Xinhua, Sept. 11, 2013: […] “TEPCO can no longer effectively clean, filter and store the massive amounts of radioactive water on its site. At some point in the near future — and this may have happened already — the utility will simply resort to emptying its radioactive tanks into the Pacific Ocean,” [Shoji Tsurumi, an expert from Japan’s Marine Science & Technology Institute] said. “They will simply run out of other options to store such huge quantities of water.” “Perhaps this is another reason the government is keeping its distance. After all, if the government were to take responsibility for dumping toxic water into the ocean, who would it have to blame when the global backlash came?” Tsurumi said.  

Spiegel Online, Sept. 10, 2013: As for the contents of the 1,000 radioactive storage tanks, there is only one long-term solution — the contaminated water must be cleaned, and then emptied into the ocean. It is possible to a large extent to filter out the cesium and strontium. The tritium, although somewhat less of a concern, can’t be filtered out. Little by little, the Japanese public is being prepared for the coming release of this water — much to the horror of fishermen.

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One thought on “Japan Marine Expert: Fukushima radioactive tanks may have already been emptied into Pacific Ocean

  1. What them bastards need to do is get every able body male over there scooping out water into drums to contain it on one side or another of the island that’s what they need to be doing instead of contaminating the whole ecosystem of the entire earth WTF.

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