Job losses in KC manufacturing industry swell to 1,900

Biz Journal

The Kansas City-area’s manufacturing industry has faced a slate of layoffs this year from employers such as Harley-Davidson, Nestlé USA, Pepsi and Haldex Brake Products Corp.

This year’s job loss tally for the area’s manufacturing industry is about 1,900, according to KSHB, which cited a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Haldex, for example, is shuttering its Blue Springs manufacturing facility, which will affect 154 jobs. The company is transitioning its production of brake adjusters away from the U.S. to places such as China, Brazil and Mexico. When the Blue Springs operations are fully transferred, the company expects to net $2.5 million in annual savings.

In the report, New York topped the list of manufacturing job losses, with 10,000, followed by Pennsylvania, 8,100, and North Carolina, 7,700.

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