Joe Biden is not a meme. Joe Biden is a Pedophile

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Joe Biden at the swearing in of Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire).

Several disturbing scenes include: the little girl initially running away and hiding from Joe, “how are you beautiful child 17?” “oh six!”, Joe calling the kids over to stand by him, Joe getting extremely close to her with his pelvic region, stroking her hair during the swearing in THE ENTIRE TIME, stroking her hair and face, holding her shoulder, “no dates or boys”, then grabs her hair, kisses her, holds her face, scratches her chin, strangling her, stuffs his pelvic region in her face (more this time), photographer asks to get another “family shot” (with Joe??).

All very, very, very strange.

7 thoughts on “Joe Biden is not a meme. Joe Biden is a Pedophile

  1. Is this the price these politicians pay to get up there in corrupt DC.?

    Just let your daughter be fondled by pervs.

    And Joe is thinking about running for pres? Uhhh!

  2. Biden needs to be separated from the rest of us , he has shown he has no restraint , and should be ostracized from public forever , rather have him put behind bars , really hope someone he has done something to comes forward and puts his jackass behind bars, or destroys his world so much that he kills himself with two shot gun blasts to the back of his head …come on Hillary , arnt you afraid this guy might turn over on you ? ..might want to eliminate that future threat

  3. go to the 54 second time mark/ or better yet watch from the beginning , because it shows this man has a huge problem

    seen enough? when does he get canned?

  4. Aww cmon guys, leave ole Papa Joe alone.pedophilia is just a lifestyle choice after all!!!!!!!

  5. Yesterday, May 24, 2019, this pervert has joined the long list of Democrap candidates in the 2020 Presidential election. And, as typical of the media mob, a fake pole has Pedo Biden ahead of President Trump in one of their polls. This is going to be some show in the Democrap primaries. Take your pick folks, a long list of leftist loons, and now an inveterate pedophile. No doubt the leftist media will try to promote pedophilia and child rape as just another one of their “alternative lifestyles.”

    1. Just the fact that you called the international communist Zionist Israeli ass sucker Trump, president, IDs you for exactly what you are, Trumptard.
      Of course Joe Biden is a pedophile. The false left-right paradigm that makes up the fraudulent United States Corporation (See USC Title 28 Definition 15) are all a pack of pedophiles.
      You sir, Trumptard, are so institutionalized to your 14th Amendment subjugation to the corporate aristocracy that it pains me to even waste my time answering your retarded comment.

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