John Hofmeister, Oil Thief, Speaks out on Fox News

Energy has entered the debate for the 2012 Election.  The push to tap our domestic oil fields is in high gear with the prospect of the resource rape advocate, Mitt Romney, becoming president, offering unbridled access to our national lands and domestic crude.  Many in our country really don’t understand what this all means.

Thank God for Fox News.  Saturday, in a “fair and balanced report” they brought one of we the people onto their program to explain our energy situation in simple terms that we can understand.  Say hello to the former president of Shell Oil and founder and CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy, John Hofmeister.  Now, if we can’t trust this fellow, who can we trust?

Hofmeister began by saying he does not want to see another four years of make believe energy policy.  Hofmeister then began to blame our higher gas prices on our failure to allow the big oil companies access to our oil fields, of course ignoring the fact that oil is traded in the fiat dollar, which has been devalued in direct correlation to the rising gas prices.

Hofmeister then went on to say, “Open up domestic natural resources to the people of America, so that we can use those resources today while we build a future energy system.”

He further said, “China and India, as a share of total oil consumption, are only going to grow over the next several years, and we got to take care of ourselves at this point and time.”

John Hofmeister is a two bit sleazy oil sucking parasite.  It doesn’t matter whether we pump one barrel a day or fifty million; we the American people are still paying the world market price for our own resource, while Johnny and his elitist buddies are stealing us blind.  The demand is going to go up in China and India, all right, and the intent of Johnny and company is to meet that demand through 100% theft of the oil from our untapped fields here in the United States.

These corporate elitists have made no secret that they intend the United States to be the number one exporter of petroleum.  These unspeakable bastards would steal the pennies off of a blind man’s eyes and they truly think the American people to be retarded.

We are sitting on the largest untapped oil supply on Planet Earth and as owners of that real property, the gas we consume in our private lives should not only be free, but we should be receiving a huge annuity check every month.

Here is something for you, John.  When we take our country back, your thieving ass is going on trial and you are going to pay back every penny you have stolen from us and spend the rest of your life in prison doing hard labor, which I know you are completely unaccustomed to as the most work you have ever accomplished in your life is in carrying bags of money into the back halls of our Congress to pay off our sleazy politicians for allowing you to steal our raw resources.

This is just another admission of the enormous wealth in our country that is ours by right, which is being stolen as our people are impoverished via the theft.  The day of reckoning is coming.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “John Hofmeister, Oil Thief, Speaks out on Fox News

  1. Either Americans are so good and kind that they cannot accept the prevalence of evil in this country or they openly condone evil. Neither Obama nor Romney will protect humanity against these thieves, they both promote fascist laws, fascist wars, financial rape, ungodly corporate power and NDAA. Moral depravity by state institutions, Rachael Corrie, USS LIberty, 911 are never queried. They are the anti Christ and yet how many Americans will go into almost divine worship for one or other of these bastards and will vote the lesser of two evils to lead the American nation into further due debts, due wars, due promoted poverty and jusury extracted as taxes on the production of the nation. Both will oversee the loss of personal liberty and human rights.

  2. David Icke just did a great interview on the subject of these evil people on infowars. I know, some people don’t like Alex or David but this interview is worth listening to.

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