16 thoughts on “Joy Behar: Democrats Shouldn’t Tell Voters ‘Ahead of Time’ Before Taking Their Guns Away

  1. Say it before or after, don’t matter. You ain’t gettin them without a fight.

    Ding bat women. Boy, if I could sit on the view for a day.

    1. ‘Boy, if I could sit on the view for a day’….. you would leave them awestruck, dumbstruck and best of all… speechless ! 🙂

  2. what a bunch of mental midgets…….the real story is wtf happened to whoopi? I mean that hair! wth is with that? LMAO

    1. Bunch of millionaires sitting around a Joo ass table squawking like a bunch of chickens in a goddamn chicken coup. 🙂

  3. I don’t know whats up with that show..

    I thought it got cancelled back in the 80’s.

    Along with the Gong show and that one that Andy Kaufman did when he sat in the big seat as the host like a courtroom and all the guests were about 4′ feet below.

    Okay…. I guess people still like it.

    I’d still bang her though.

    Her forehead right across the t.v. screen so they could see the View.

    oh….. I gotta stop…

    These fking jokes are killin me today.

    In fact …. it’s kinda making me hungry…. especially after watching that dude cook in the cabin.

    I think I’m gonna get a Chik Fil-Lee sandwich.

    The line should be pretty short today …. with all the stabbin and shtz goings on.

  4. Do people actually pay any attention to this mindless drivel?

    These media whores are absolutely DESPICABLE!

  5. She DOES realize the “president” isn’t a king, right, and can’t make edicts that supersede the Bill of Rights?

    Even if it were so, good luck to the “king”, all his men, and to you cackling sea harpies. You’re gonna need it.

  6. Every one of these hypocrites leave this secure studio with their security and head to their gated community
    F Y J B

  7. This is just what politics have always been. Tell the lie you think will bring the dead minded subjugated corporate straw man voters out to play the game and allow this tiny majority to acquiesce for the all. And then, just like Trump did, turn around and do the opposite, as there is no consequence and there will be no consequence until we the American nationals enforce our ratified absolute law, harshly and across the board.
    This also shines the light on the truth that their phony f-king polls are deliberately created lies.
    By the way, goodbye O’Rourke.

  8. That’s right don’t tell us

    But we’re going to hang you anyways , ok?
    We just won’t tell you that , fair?

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