3 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano ~ Obamacare Is A Job Killer, Morally Wrong, & Forces People Into Markets

  1. Unlimited government is a euphemism for organized crime.You need to keep it small or non-existent,lest you feed a pup that grows into a dog and devours you.

  2. I thought collusion between government and private industry is illegal !

    When our government forces people to purchase anything from private enterprise, it proves that collusion. It also proves that our mafioso government is in the protection racket, protecting the insurance industry.

    Why? Because some of the largest investors in the insurance industry are the pension plans of City, County, State, and Federal workers. Plus, the government can gain tax revenue from the increased sales of insurance to the American people.

    Doing this at gun point or threat of jail or having your bank account robbed, let alone having your home saddled with a lean, is tantamount to Tyranny, and must be fought on every front.

    The socialist have grabbed us by the B*lls and expect us to just lay down and squeal while they cut them off. NOT !

    It is time we make our criminal government an offer it can’t refuse !

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