3 thoughts on “Govt Shutdown Planned Well In Advance

  1. Here’s a theory:

    What if the government wanted to release a story saying they were going to do a drill in advance on Nov. 13-15th and get the media and alternative media all hyped up and distracted when in actuality, the REAL event (surprise attack) was scheduled for Oct. 13th? AKA Dark Night. It would make sense if Obama wanted the military and DHS to be ready by Oct. 1st.

    Think about it. Who else agrees with me? If that’s the case, I don’t think they could have predicted the truckers to be there on Oct. 13th to possibly interfere with their plans. What do you guys think?

  2. My prep was scheduled for completion sep 25th. Now everything is pure overage. I also just got a hold of a few extra hundred buck betting someone about the shut down. If they do flip the switch before nov 1st I stand to make 3 extra 50# bags of rice. I love this brave new world.lol.

    I must say I was worried they where going to flip it back in feb. Who wants duck eggs for breakfast?

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