Judge Who Wanted MOM In Prision For School Choice Now Removes All Constitutional Rights

Before It’s News – by Homeowner of Record

Do you remember Kelley Williams-Bolar, the African-American Mom from Akron Ohio sentenced to 5 yrs in prison for School Choice? 

The same Judge has now Suspended All Constitutional Rights of an innocent man To Protect The JUDGE’S CRIMINAL FRIENDS!  No Right-to-Trial for Defendant to expose them.   

Talk about a DOUBLE STANDARD by the very same Judge Patricia Cosgrove ignoring felonies in the Courtroom.  Her actions prove she believes “Officers Of The Court” are exempt from THE LAW.  Trial Is Cancelled For Their Protection…To Hell WithThe Innocent Party!  Judge to rule by her pen after stopping trail at last minute & ordering Summary Judgment in Violation of law & U.S. Constitution.

This “Visiting Judge” replaced “Five Stark County Ohio Judges” in a Civil Case “After Their Recusal” & “Several Felonies” had been committed in Civil Proceedings leading to trial.  (Including “Tampering With Records” like Kelly Williams-Bolar was convicted of in 2011.)  Felonies were by members of Plaintiff’s Counsel and by the original Judge “for over two years” with multiple undisclosed “Conflicts of Interests”.

Judge Cosgrove did not even show up for scheduled “Final Trial Hearing” & instead granted Plaintiff leave to file “Motion For Summary Judgment”.  (Over the telephone after she was called by the Stark County Ohio Courthouse while she was watching her grandchildren at home on January 15th 2014)  Cosgrove “CHANGED THE VENUE” without prior notice to Defendant & has “Effectively Cancelled Trial” to replace it with “Summary Judgment”.

Judge Patricia Cosgrove is Violating Numerous Laws & Defendants Rights to protect Plaintiff, Counsel, Judge Heath & Stark County from Scandal Ignoring pleas of Defendant for Justice, Judge Patricia Cosgrove REFUSED to even consider addressing the Crimes by Plaintiff.

She said, and I quote “I cannot do anything about any Crimes in these Proceedings, because this is a Civil Proceeding not Criminal” That was an outright lie by this Judge to completely sidetrack legal process & defendant’s rights to a fair trial with a stroke of her pen.  This occurred on January 15th2014 – While Proceedings were already scheduled for “Trial By Jury” the week of January 27th 2014

This is an extreme violation of Ohio Civil Procedure & State/Federal laws, including “Misprision Of A Felony” & “Failure To Report A Crime”.

Just some of Plaintiff’s Crimes In These Proceedings Ignored by Judge Patricia Cosgrove – Most are multiple counts!  Underlined involve both Judges.

ORC 2913.42              “Tampering With Records” Just like with Kelly Williams-Bolar

ORC 2913.43              “Securing Writings By Deception”

ORC 2917.25              “Perjury”

ORC 2921.12              “Tampering With Evidence”

ORC 2921.13              “Recording False Documents”

ORC 2921.22              “Failure to report a crime”

ORC 5301.252e           “Knowingly Making False Statements”

18 USC sec 63             “Mail Fraud” A federal Crime qualifying Crimes By Plaintiff & Their Counsel under RICO Statutes

18 USC sec 4               “Misprision Of A Felony”  Not reporting a felony to law enforcement – again qualifying this under Federal RICO Statutes

If Kelly Williams-Bolar had done all this, we would never see her again!  As a double standard Plaintiff & their Counsel get rewarded to the extreme with Defendant’s Home! 

Plaintiff is “Bank Of New York Mellon”.  Plaintiff’s Counsel is lead by “Jason A. Whitacre” of “John D. Clunk Co. LPA” from Stow, Ohio & also Co-counsel is lead by “Robert R. Terbrack Jr.” of “McGlinchey Stafford” from Cleveland.  The original “JudgeTaryn Heath’s Husband is District Mgr for company whose TRUSTEE is Bank Of New York Mellon & Stark County has had millions in business with them through bonds & retirement funds.

Ignoring, Assisting or Concealment of Crimes By Plaintiff well qualifies this under 18 USC, section 4 & other statutes for both Heath & Cosgrove.  This case with Judge Cosgrove is Malpractice Of Law, Miscarriage Of Justice, A Conspiracy To Defraud, Aggravated Theft & much, much more!  All together this is “Fraud Upon The Court”, the most serious crime that can occur inside any courtroom in The United States!  It has No “Statute Of Limitations” & every ruling in its presence is void.



To date this Court and The Plaintiff have violated Defendant’s 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 14th Amendment Rights.

Thanks to Judges with no desire to follow rule of law!

Now Entering Stark County…

All Rights Shall Cease To Exist

Stark County Ohio Court Of Common Pleas Case No. 2011 CV 03288.  For more information, documented evidence, court docket or interview, please contact the Defendant.  Jerry A. Blake: phone (330) 327-3869 or email jerryblake@neo.rr.com


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  1. In Herodotus’ “The Histories” a judge was skinned alive for his corruption, and his skin was used to upholster the new judge’s seat. Then his son was made to sit in that seat as the new judge.

    Back in the old days they had some imaginative ideas for dealing with judicial corruption that we might learn a lot from today.

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