Bad Kids or Bad System? Zero Tolerance Policies in Schools

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Zero tolerance policies prove common sense is not so common.

Here’s a compilation of news stories that show the idiocy of such policies:  

As John W. Whitehead said in his article Zero Tolerance Schools Discipline Without Wiggle Room:

These policies, and the school administrators who relentlessly enforce them, render young people woefully ignorant of the rights they intrinsically possess as American citizens. What’s more, having failed to learn much in the way of civic education while in school, young people are being browbeaten into believing that they have no true rights and government authorities have total power and can violate constitutional rights whenever they see fit.

There’s an old axiom that what children learn in school today will be the philosophy of government tomorrow. As surveillance cameras, metal detectors, police patrols, zero tolerance policies, lock downs, drug sniffing dogs and strip searches become the norm in elementary, middle and high schools across the nation, America is on a fast track to raising up an Orwellian generation — one populated by compliant citizens accustomed to living in a police state and who march in lockstep to the dictates of the government. In other words, the schools are teaching our young people how to be obedient subjects in a totalitarian society.

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5 thoughts on “Bad Kids or Bad System? Zero Tolerance Policies in Schools

  1. Hey hang in there kids when you get a little older the government will put a rifle, canon, a missal launcher and various other weapons in your hands and tell you to go out and kill, kill, kill. Then because of all the confusion in your head you will be issued SSRI drugs to help you understand not then but now.

  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with stemming the violence in schools these days.

    It has everything to do with indoctrinating the youth to believe that ALL weapons are bad, and that we will only be safe once the so-called ‘govt.’, military, and police are the only ones with guns.

    They WILL learn to love Big Brother, between the indoctrination and the drugs.

  3. The sickest thing is…THESE PEOPLE STILL HAVE JOBS! Why are we not stomping their guts out….at least get em fired. If someone watched this 10 years ago they would think it’s a comedy spoof. This is absolute madness!

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