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  1. Yesterday, on a walk, I was saying how beautiful the weather was for being winter and was reminded that it wasn’t officially winter. So the conversation momentarily morphed into when winter officially begins. A few guesses here and there were thrown about. I didn’t realize until you posted this that it was today. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I love winter…

    You may ask…


    Because all those goddamd bugs are dead for a few months.

    Plus it’s so cold outside I don’t have to run the fridge off of the solar.

    I just put a cooler outside with all my man meat.

    I’m going to put my vodka outside too.

    Mmmmm Ice cold -13 chilled vodka with a after dinner bowl…

    Sucks to be a Eskimo. .

      1. I fell off my roof the other day.

        It was only about 12 ‘.

        I’m still suffering from the side effects.

        I think it did something to my head.

        For some reason I feel…well…

        1. Damn it, Flee. I wish ya didn’t fall off the frikkin’ roof. It coulda been worse than it was. Don’t do that again.


    1. Yeah man, I agree on the dam bug thing

      Need a good deep freeze and a boat load of snow to lower their numbers before spring

      Plus I love watching all the people lose their minds over a heavy snowfall
      Hell I remember as a kid getting FEET of snow
      Lately I hardly even fire up the snow machines or plow
      Two days to maybe 4 it’s all gone anyways

    2. “…Because all those goddamd bugs are dead for a few months…”

      And the goddamned bears are asleep too. Don’t forget that we also get a break from those fat bastards patrolling the woods.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful photo.
    No matter how bad Winter gets, the lengthening days promise Spring.
    I just love that.

  4. Gorgeous photo, Galen…thanks!!!

    Happy Saturnalia everyone!! …except for flee…for him…

    Flees Navidad, dude!! LOL

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