Just Say No to the New World Order Olympics

Well it would seem the summer Olympics just aren’t quite what they used to be, which is the great distraction scheduled for every four years to coincide with our general election.  This time around very few will be puffed up with national pride and waving their flags as they march to the polls.

In days of old we Americans did have great pride in the achievements of our athletes, but that was before the days of multi-culturalism.  Now our nationalism has been diluted to the point that the United States has become much as the old Soviet Union was.  An athlete sporting an American uniform and supposedly representing our nation and our beliefs is more apt to have been born in another country and actually brought here for his or her athletic aptitude than not.

Again, in days of old, when the gold medal was achieved it reflected not only our nation, but a state, a county, a city or a town wherein the athlete was born and/or raised.  Now many gold medals represent nothing more than the achievements of a recent migrant and thus the dilution of America, its population, and culture.

Many years ago when multi-culturalism was first being pushed in the United States, there was a propaganda campaign that said Americans are a people without a culture, indicating that because we had migrated here from Europe we had no distinct culture.  This was bullshit then and it is bullshit now.

American nationals, though our skin is of every pigment, have a distinct culture which has developed over the past 300 years.  We were the first people on this planet to be sovereign as nationals and absolutely free as a people who own their country and are on a par with the crowned heads of Europe.  This concept is ingrained in us and those who would rule over us despise the concept and find us insolent as they know we can never be conquered as long as our culture survives.

This is why I for one will not watch one event associated with these summer Olympics as they represent nothing more than another propaganda push for the one world order.  Every patriotic American of the American race should see what I am saying and thus be focusing their every attention on the restoration of our Republic under our Constitution if we ever want to have pride as a nation in the accomplishments of our people as individuals again.

I am not and will never be a citizen of the world.  I am an individual freeman national of the united States of the Americas and will remain so.  And I will continue to fight for the restitution of our Republic until that feat is accomplished.

We are a nation of individuals and as such we will prevail in our endeavor to secure freedom, liberty, and prosperity for our progeny.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Just Say No to the New World Order Olympics

  1. I’m not a Christian or a Pagan, but truth is the Olympics are dedicated to
    the sun god apollo, AKA baal, dagon, the bright morning star etc.


  2. You are right Henry. And it use to be only for amature athletes, but now I read the other day that that has changed a few years ago to include – I guess – pro athletes and others.

  3. I’ve never watched the Summer or Winter Olympics. Just like all other sports, it’s a distraction to keep the masses occupied and mush-minded.

  4. After finally watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, (After finding a downloadable version online. HA! Screw you, Olympic Committee. I ain’t getting a TV or paying you or your damn corporate sponsors just to see your stupid ceremony. The Olympics are suppose to be kind of a peaceful event for the whole world to see, not a corporate/money-making event. Go take your money and shove it up your ass!) I have three things to say about the lighting of the torch:

    1. How come they had a bunch of people lighting the torch? Isn’t there only suppose to be just ONE person doing that? Isn’t that against some rules or something?

    2. How come the torches are brought together to form one circle? Isn’t the fire suppose to be lit on one big massive torch or bowl with just ONE flame going?

    3. Did anyone else but me notice how when the torches came together, there was an opening in the middle and from an aerial view it looked like it was the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings? Like they were trying to say the evil forces of Zion have been resurrected and are now watching you around the world.

    The Ceremony itself was just one complete God-awful mess with performances going on all over the place and who the hell knows what the crowd was doing in the stadium, holding up curtains. It’s no wonder they said even the fans couldn’t see anything. And it’s no wonder they had to do a rehearsal with all the people the day before. And the children in bed and the demons and the nurses watching over them as though they were giving them vaccines or saying, “The government will watch over you”. Also the rich class with the top hats, looking all smug while the lower working class, working for them by doing all of the manual labor for the Olympic rings, just further makes it New World Orderish. Finally, the fact that they had Beckham drive in like he was James Bond on a boat and making himself and the people think he is larger than life, just helps the Zionist promote their protocol of “Appealing to a successful person’s ego”. Beckham needs a swift kick in the ass from here to the moon. He’s about as dumb as Zoolander with an ego that is going nowhere. And of course the silly James Bond thing was just plain stupid. However, if Leslie Nielson was alive and was escorting the Queen, THAT would have been somewhat interesting. Especially if he accidentally bumped the Queen over a rail as he was waving his hands in the air.

    Ok, my rant is done.

  5. I haven’t watched any of the Olympics, and I won’t, because I have no TV, and never will.
    BUT – it would be nice to know who all of the big-money sponsors of the event are so they can be boycotted.
    It would be nice if all the big corporations that sunk millions into this mess see a huge loss for their efforts.

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