Insurgent Strategies being Implemented on US Nationals

There can be no count, exact or otherwise, as to how many illegal aliens have and are entering our country.  Really, the closest we can come to diagnosing the situation, is in examining the effect the illegals are having on our lives.

The neo-cons are pushing for reforms to the food stamp program, saying expenditures have doubled since 2008.  Of course we all know that many Americans have lost their jobs and have been forced to turn to food stamps to keep from going hungry.  But these people in no way represent the bulk of the increase, as most choose to lose everything and work any job as an alternative to the food stamp program.

The government will tell us that the number of people who have lost their jobs is at 12 million and as those spending the food stamps in our stores, more and more every day, cannot speak the English language, I think it is safe to assume that the majority of the increase can be attributed to the foreign insurgency into our country.

The neo-cons, who want to cut the food stamp program, have no intention of going after foreign nationals collecting benefits in the US, as it would result in counting them and acknowledging their numbers.  The status quo traitors have made their intent clear.  They want to put our people into slavery and to do so, they must deprive us in every quarter while supporting the foreigners being brought in to replace us as a work force.

This being said, when the cuts to the food stamp program come, it will be American nationals who are profiled and targeted.  You see you have to be one of those expected to obey the law before you can be persecuted for not doing so.  And it has been made clear that the invaders are not expected in any way to obey our laws.

The longer we wait before rising up to take on this insurgency, the harder the task will be.  As we are forced to wait for that shot that will be heard around the world, we would be wise to turn as much of our wealth as we have left into the implements of war and survival.

Deprivation of firearms, ammunition, and food is a tactic the insurgents will try to employ in their attempt at conquest, especially food.  This is why they want to make our gardens illegal, our stashing of food illegal, and any other production such as raw milk and organic livestock farming illegal.

I don’t know how much longer we can wait before we are forced to literally fight for our survival, but I do believe the insurgents will take every inch of ground they can, incrementally, before having to face the full force of our wrath.

19 thoughts on “Insurgent Strategies being Implemented on US Nationals

  1. when I do get to a town here in New Mexico and get to a grocery store it seems I’m the only one buying food with cash,…… everyone else in line has a food stamp credit card and does not speak english……

    soon enough the government will go broke and those cards will not work anymore then what will all those non speaking english food stamp people do?????

    Pray for food?


    burn the city down??

    1. Same here in Texas,I pay with cash and all the brown people get it free.when their little plastic cards no longer work they’re gonna loot and pillage.

    2. Like you, everyone I see at the stores where I shop uses food stamp cards. However, every single one of them speaks English. It’s not fair to generalize.

      1. Angel,
        The invasion is taking place in our border states. I am in Oregon and when I go to the store, I can honestly say that 50% of the people in the stores are speaking in languages other than English, and that in includes Indian and Mandarin Chinese.
        When the Italians and Germans migrated to this country they had to learn to read, write, and speak English before they became citizens and they were proud to do so. The insurgents invading from the south and the west are arrogant, insisting that we change and adapt to their ways. They think they are going to take our country from us and I am going to be as mean to them as I can in every quarter.
        I call all American nationals of every pigment of skin my brothers and sisters, and quite frankly, the rest of the world can go to hell. There is something we need to realize here. We are getting ready to fight an enemy that wants to destroy us. This is going to be dog fight and will require our hate absolute.
        I know it is hard for you to hate, as you are a Christian lady that adheres to the sermon on the mound, but I promise you these invaders hate us as it is their belief that we should turn our country back over to those our forefathers took it from through conquest, after which we are expected, I guess, to just walk into the see and drown.
        Our enemies are trying to reduce us to a people without a country. The fact is we have whipped the world in the short 230 years we have been a country and if we have to we will do it again, as American nationals. We are a family and we must guard one another, jealously, forsaking all other peoples around the world.
        This is what Abraham Lincoln meant when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” This country is our house, our home, and other peoples are entering uninvited, intent on taking it away from us. United we stand, divided we fall and I will not turn against any national to appease any foreigner through political correctness.

      2. If you were just referring to the fact that a majority of our national population has been reduced to using food stamps, I agree completely. But it is the foreigners who are putting the majority of the burden on our safety net, while taking our jobs.

        1. YesHenry, the foreiners are taking jobs from us and the Romney types think it is a ok to ship the jobs overseas. Also, in Eau Claire, Wi. they actualy got a court system that is only for the foreiners – Chinese mexecans ect. ect. and each with their own translator all at tax payers expense because they cannot speak english and because they have different traditions that we as Americans do not understand. Pretty sick isn`t it. They could at least speak the language here or stay the f#%k out!!!

      3. Hi Angel,

        Having read your posting,.. and Mr. Shivley’s response,.. I would like to support his contentions.

        To destroy a nation,.. one merely need destroy its make up of citizenry,.. this means destroy the notion of national identity (we’re Americans), destroy the common language (hence its sounds and reads like the UN everywhere you go now),… and of course, debase the notion of self-sufficiency and reduce the populace to supplicants and food-stamp junkies (hence the wide spread delivery/use of the Obama Coupon – Food stamps (well,.. actually the modern equivalent of the SNAP cards)).

        Even in ancient Egypt,.. just before that great ancient culture had gone into what historians call its “intermediate periods” (economic, social and cultural collapse),… these were ALWAYS preceeded with acute observation of foreigner influx, and the destruction of its own norms,… JUST LIKE is occuring now.

        This country is on the brink of its version of an “intermediate period”,.. however, ours is as completely engineered to occur, as a building a Chevy.

        As for Mr. Shivley’s other comment,.. “We are getting ready to fight an enemy that wants to destroy us. This is going to be dog fight and will require our hate absolute.”

        He is 100% correct.

        Once this Pandora’s Box of confrontation has been opened, the time for diplomacy, legal wrangling, for pious dreams and wishful thinking has closed.

        From Sun Tzu – The Art Of War,.. which is REQUIRED reading for all US Marines (at least when I was in) is explicit on this,… “…the moment you sympathize with the enemy,.. you have lost the war!”

        Meaning: If you reach the point of conflict, faliure to proscute it with ruthless determination, will only lead to your own demise.

        If your going to fight,.. THEN DAMN IT,.. FIGHT! With EVERYTHING you have,.. otherwise,.. you will lose!

        Show no mercy,.. show no sympathy,….there will be time later to mourn the dead, and lament the horrors,…your objective now,.. is to WIN,.. not show how “considerate” you can be during a time of their life,.. or yours!

        Warfare, Civil-war, and the goals of our Treasonous and Despotic Gov’t do NOT permit the luxury of sentimentality.

        If you hesitate when the time comes, if you falter, if you show fear or cowardice when this comes to a head,.. then you have completely,.. and absolutely guaranteed your enslavement, capitualation,.. and internment,… probably to your own extermination via the new age form of the Hitlers Gas-Chambers,… Forced Vaccinations.

        This is why I tell ALL people,.. Choose now your path,… will you fight to preserve your own “Life, Liberty and Pursuit Of Happiness”?,… or will you seek the moderate solution of “hoping” it does not get any worse,.. and “maybe”,… maybe the government is not planning your extermination.

        Problem: Yes,.. our treasonous gov’t,.. and it paymasters in the Global Cabel have ALREADY planned for you, your family, friends, neighbors and fellow countrymen’s erradication,.. in exquisite detail.

        There is no mechanism, no measure of diplomacy,.. no method, argument or legal mandate than can possibly restore or save this perfidious gov’t.

        The American form of an open, honest Republic is long dead. Its current corpse being masqueraded around Washington DC is nothing more than a charlatan’s ruse to dupe the unwashed masses into excepting the coming tyranny.


        The battle is coming. Time to make your decision now,.. and then screw your courage to that sticking place.

        When the battle starts, there will not be time to ponder your options,… that is your providence NOW,.. not when they are trying to institute the final stages of Total Tyranny.

        JD – US Marines – My decision,.. has already been made.

        1. I absolutely agree. The point I was making was that not everyone using food stamps is a foreigner. A disturbing , growing number of our Citizens have been reduced to using and needing them. The foreigners I see in the stores pay with cash (possibly from working off the books). The people I see using food stamps are english speaking and mostly elderly or parents with small children. I’m sure it’s different in different areas. I’m not sympathizing with the foreigners, I’m sympathizing with our own people. To say that everyone on food stamps is a foreigner is like saying all 99ers (I don’t mean 99%, they hijacked our term) are lazy, good for nothing, drug addicts who don’t want to/aren’t looking for work and it’s their fault they lost/don’t have a job.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I’ll die before I accept food stamps. I don’t take no government handouts. I never took any government handouts. And I never will take any government handouts.” It’s not the American way and goes against our American values of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

    Obama and Fat Bastard Michelle can take their Anthropological experiment of creating conflict using race, class and ethnic wars with this and shove it up their ass.

    1. Your hate for socialism is commendable and I am glad there exists for you a way to avoid food stamps while not going hungry at the same time.
      Tell me this, you of course refused to have the withholdings taken out of your check while you were working that were used to finance the food stamps, right?
      I guess you could say you are the government’s idea of a perfect citizen as you’ll pay in with but little complaint and are happy to allow your government to spend your money buying foreigners food while you go hungry.

      1. Henry,

        Do you expect me to not have ANY taxes taken out of my future paychecks then? I’m not quite following your point here. Please explain.

        1. NC,
          It seems you are looking down your nose at those forced to take food stamps. If you are so adamant in seeing food stamps as something beneath you, then shouldn’t you stand on your conviction on the other end and refuse to finance them? It would seem food stamps need two things to exist, the recipient and the financier, and in reality everything that is being done against us is being financed by us.
          I’ll be goddamned if I would go hungry if the only thing my stance was accomplishing was freeing up more revenue to finance the insurgency.
          If you hate this socialism, stop financing it and stop pretending to be more righteous than those who lost everything and had to turn to food stamps, which they paid to finance for 20, 30, or 40 years.
          Or are you just pissed off at those who are taxing the government that is taxing you?
          No offense meant, just an observation.

          1. It’s kinda hard when the assholes in government are forced to take it out of our checks every month. (That’s if I was employed at the moment) Just like Social Security. So, again, what can we do instead of bitching at this point?

          2. If I didn’t have food stamps, I’d starve to death, and that’s not an option, because I want to to be around to be in the fight to take our country back. If I die doing that, I’ll die happy, and I’ll take as many of those MFer’s out with me as I can ! I’ve worked for the last 45 years and paid my taxes. I feel that I’ve earned some assistance when I’ve lost my job, due to no fault of my own, and can’t find another one. Especially when I see these God damned foreigners, who have done nothing for this country, comin’ in here and livin’ high on the hog, due to the criminal Govt. destroying our nation. Pride has nothing to do with it. It’s called survival, and keeping strong for the coming battle to take back our beloved country. Bring it on. I’m ready !

          3. Well, it looks like you’re going to be waiting a long time because the assholes in this country sure haven’t woken up yet and probably still won’t even after a bomb goes off, courtesy of of the Al-CIAda OR courtesy of Russia or China for attacking Syria and leading them into WWIII. The people in this country are just too damn blind and stupid!!

  3. I am told that when illegal is pulled over by LEO and found not to have insurance – no fine like citizen – they are just let go – like RC says – not being citizens they do not have to obey laws for citizens.

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