Kansas police officer in critical condition after being shot

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A Kansas City, Kan. police officer was in critical condition after being shot Tuesday afternoon as the city’s police chief called for prayers on social media.

Chief Terry Zeigler tweeted news of the shooting just after 2 p.m. local time.  

The police department later confirmed the officer was in critical condition.

According to the police statement, officers were originally called to the scene at around 1:35 p.m. after a 911 caller reported that at least three people were shooting at him from a vehicle. The suspects fled when officers arrived, and one of them was arrested at the scene.

The unidentified officer was shot approximately 20 minutes after the initial call, while trying to make contact with a second suspect.

The Kansas City Star reported that police swarmed the area where the shooting took place, some of them holding rifles. Several officers took cover behind cars.

The injured officer’s car was in the middle of the street, police spokesman Cameron Morgan said.

“There’s glass and blood all around it,” Morgan said.

The paper also reported that police were gathering at the hospital where the officer had been taken. The report described one female officer walking to her car in tears.

Tuesday marked the second time this year that a Kansas City, Kan., police officer had been shot in the line of duty. Detective Brad Lancaster, 39, was shot and killed near Kansas Speedway during a violent crime spree on May 9.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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15 thoughts on “Kansas police officer in critical condition after being shot

  1. “… the officer was in critical condition.”

    Rooting for FATAL.

    “… the city’s police chief called for prayers on social media.”

    Considering who you really work for, I’m assuming those ‘prayers’ would be to Satan?

    “The Kansas City Star reported that police swarmed the area where the shooting took place, some of them holding rifles.”

    More targets.

    Thanks for the (mostly) good news, Swifty.

  2. All of these police shooting tells me one thing..Shit training. There were eras when police routinely had battles with criminals. They weren’t getting picked off left and right. Shit training. Too busy trying to bust heads instead of descalating and using their damned heads.

  3. GOOD….. I’m glad one of America’s enemies is dead.

    A foot soldier in the war against the American people, and nothing more.

    Don’t weep for his family either, because his wife is probably glad he’s dead too, and now his kids have a shot at growing up normal.

  4. I respect all of your opinions but you might as well join the BLM movement. My Father was a Policeman as well as those i know. To actively state you hate them doesnt help anyone. Blame your Government Homeland Security, they are training them mentally and physically to be more aggressive. The FBI, Homeland Sec, Natl Guard all train them now. I have no compassion for Rogues but i do for those who are not, and now have to fear for their lives. I never knew if my Dad would come home at the end of the shift.

    1. It’s nothing personal, Tess, but the problem isn’t just the “rogues” on the force. You’ve read people’s complaints about police before.

      ALL cops today are part of the Blue Wall of Silence. Even the “good” ones are guilty of failing to report the abuses of the psychopaths. They all stick together like glue, just like a big gang, and that makes them all guilty by association. Any cop who violates the code of silence and reports wrongdoing in the ranks is ostracized, threatened, or even fired.

      Then there’s the enforcement of unconstitutional, unjust, and downright cruel laws. “Just doing my job” is no excuse, since no one is forced to become a cop.

      “If you don’t like the laws, get them changed” is a common but invalid argument used by police. America is an oligarchy, and the vast majority of people have ZERO say about what laws are passed, regardless of whom they vote for. Besides, rights are rights, regardless of whether the majority has been brainwashed into giving them up and accepting laws that are just plain wrong.

      In a police state, the police are the enemy. If you know people who are in that line of work, perhaps you could show them the error of their ways and convince them to find honest jobs.

    2. I have no respect for anyone advocating murder. I used to frequent this website but I won’t be coming back. The comments above are no different than the BLM jerks. Way to make patriots look bad “trenchers”

      1. Is it “murder” when an armed member of an occupying, oppressive army is killed?

        No one who supports the police (i.e., the police state’s enforcers) today can call himself a “patriot.” A patriot is someone who supports the Bill of Rights, and more generally freedom and American values.

        None of this has to do with BLM, by the way.


        “I used to frequent this website but I won’t be coming back.”

        GOOD F’N RIDDANCE, B#TCH!!!!!

        1. THIS is why I went off on this @sswipe…

          “The comments above are no different than the BLM jerks.”


    3. Tess,
      I mean you no disrespect, but hear me out.
      You say your father was a policeman. I tell you there can be no policeman. No government within the sovereign boundaries of the uSA has the authority to police the people. We declared through our Bill of Rights that we police ourselves through the common law.
      When I look at that policeman, I see military insignia, declaring military rank: sergeant, corporal, lieutenant, major, etc. I see either a Chekist dress uniform or full battle gear on that policeman.
      If your father did not understand the Constitution that he swore an oath to and carried out his unconstitutional duty as a policing agent for a unconstitutional government agency without physically harming anyone, maybe his actions can be excused, as most of the population has acted against our Bill of Rights in ignorance at one point or another. But the cops out there now know exactly what they are a part of and what they are doing and are without excuse. They are our enemies by their choice to usurp our rights.
      Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings. This was the easiest way I could say it.

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