Record Searchlight

The fast-moving Mill Fire erupted on Friday in the area of the Roseburg Forest Products mill in Weed, a small city just over 50 miles from the Oregon border.    Continue reading “Mill Fire in Weed hits 900 acres, prompts evacuations, closes Highway 97”

The Oregonian

Three people are dead after a shooting Sunday night at the east Bend Safeway, according to police.

Bend Police Department spokesperson Sheila Miller said the incident began around 7 p.m. near the Big Lots store next door before a person shot and killed an individual in the entryway to Safeway. Continue reading “Shooting in Bend shopping center kills 3 in Oregon”

Fox News

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Supreme Court decisions put Americans on the cusp of losing “fundamental rights” Sunday on “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

“Over and over again, the big landmark cases are 5-4,” he told host Mark Levin. “We’re one vote away on issue after issue after issue from losing our fundamental rights.” Continue reading “SCOTUS cases show Americans ‘one vote away’ from losing fundamental rights: Sen. Cruz”

The Liberty Beacon – by David-William

How does one know when a Lawyer is lying?  His lips are moving!  They don’t need to tell the truth, especially since they’re taught to believe commoners are beneath them.  They have a Title of Nobility.  To add severe insult to injury, they are taught to refer to people as the DECEDENT/PERSON.  PERSONS are DEAD entities, so they have no status/standing in law.  Please comprehend, anyone who claims U.S. citizen status, is known as the INCOMPETENT IMBECILE/WARD OF THE STATE, and when a U.S. citizen is “re-presented by a B.A.R. Attorner/Broker, said IMBECILE is considered to be too INCOMPETENT to speak.  Worse yet, the Ordinary in the Black Robe can completely disregard whatever the IMBECILE says, or even misrepresent it by twisting it around to something that suits the “Court.”  Continue reading “BRITISH ACCREDITATION REGISTRY – CROWN TEMPLE B.A.R.”