Ken O’Keefe on the “Jewish Supremacist Talmudic Satanic Pedo Bankser Cult”

Published on Jun 28, 2017 by Ken O’Keefe

Ken O’Keefe discusses the enemy inside the gates, JFK, the current slander/libel campaign against him and how it relates to the world citizen mission he founded, as well as the geopolitical influence of the “Jewish Supremacist Talmudic Satanic Pedo Bankser Cult”.

23 thoughts on “Ken O’Keefe on the “Jewish Supremacist Talmudic Satanic Pedo Bankser Cult”

  1. EXCELLENT! Can anyone else imagine Henry and Ken together on every news broadcast and radio station in this country for 1 month just reeling off the facts about what this nation has become, etc..

    I’d be glued to the tv and radio. Actually, I’d have to get cable first before I could watch this greatness.

    Ken O’Keefe ROCKS.

  2. I wish Mr. O’Keefe well in his trip back to New Babylon. Like Henry, he is a real man, not afraid to bring truth and stand his ground.
    Thanks for this Galen. It’s a good way to start 4th of July, understanding the FARCE-OF-JEW-LIES which has replaced it.
    Prayers for the Syrian people. And to all who advocate for truth and real freedom.

    1. You’re welcome.

      I’m currently watching the following vid. Am only half way through. I only disagree with one point so far. Commentator says:

      “In her beginning God gave the Hebrews the loftiest and most upright literature and ethics the world has ever known.”

      I disagree on this because the Torah (first 5 books of Bible) is loaded with many acts of hate encouraged by the God of the Old Testament which some see as the basis for all the the woes we face in the world today. That is not to say that all of the OT is malevolent or wrong, just that there are many directives to kill and plunder and we know that much tweaking/editing has occurred over the centuries. Still, and as many know, the message of love in the New Testament has nothing to do with kill and plunder, although some have morphed it for that purpose. Anyway, aside from this one blip I’m continuing to watch the vid. The first half hour repeats some old material, but in the midst of it are riveting and revelatory bits that if enough people hear may possibly pry open more doors. The segment on the beginnings of Hollywood is gripping. Here’s link:


      1. ps: Finished the vid. A commentator makes a pompous and outrageous statement:

        “I’m not sure that there was an American dream before the Jews came to Hollywood and invented it. What you had was a westward movement and you had the idea of freedom, but you didn’t have what we have today which is a popular culture that creates dreams – so it’s a dream factory.”

        The clip goes on about Americans “worshipping” the Hollywood icons and their creators. I was so angered by all this. The assumption was that we Americans are docile and stupid without our own dreams. It dismisses freedom as a worthy dream, when it is, in fact, our worthiest!! I bet you can guess where I’d like them to shove that “popular culture” they’re so proud of. Just watchin’ this b.s. I feel like I have to take a shower. But how to wash away centuries of control? Hmmmm… Turn up the heat.


        1. 1. The commenter is referring to this video which is very hard to find. IMHO, it is a must watch and should be featured in FTTWR for everyone.


          2. This is the comment that matters. I watched this happen a year or so ago.

          “Ken O’Keefe continued to collect money after being informed by the lawyer he consulted, that the World Citizen Initiative legal remedy was not all all legally valid, and thus anyone attempting to use it would obviously face criminal prosecution. Ken collected over $100K while being fully aware that what people were buying into would never work, and did so in a way that resembled a pyramid scheme.. That is FRAUD, period. And after being confronted by individual’s with legitimate concern, Ken has done nothing but attack, insult, and character assassinate every single person who has attempted to question him in public. Richie Allen clearly was trying to give Ken an opportunity to explain himself and truly clear the air regarding the controversy, and Ken could do nothing but viciously attack Max Igan and Ritchie both, and didn’t offer one second of transparency. Ken then proceeded to disappear to a beautiful tropical island that he cannot be legally extradited from, with $100k collected from people he willfully deceived and a sexy young woman of questionable character. Since then, he has not offered ANY explanation for his actions, has shown absolutely no transparency in any way, and has retained personal possession of the money he acquired through deceitful means. And even in this video, he can still do nothing but insult and character assassinate anyone who dares attempt questioning him, no matter how objectively or respectfully they do so. This isn’t a Sherlock Holmes mystery, so I’m not sure why so many people can actually think that Ken is telling the truth. Absolutely nothing he’s done would indicate he is innocent or that there’s been a misunderstanding, as everything I’ve stated above is obviously a clear and present indicator of guilt. What Ken O’Keefe has done is a crime of enormous proportions, as he was fully aware that the legal remedy he was offering was not legally valid, and everyone attempting to use it would likely face criminal prosecution and end up in federal prison. WAKE – UP – PEOPLE”

          Ken O’Keefe is a crook and likely a shill.

          1. …..”the lawyer he consulted, that the World Citizen Initiative legal remedy was not all all legally valid, and thus anyone attempting to use it would obviously face criminal prosecution.

            Would a LAWYER say anything BUT what this one said?

            “Not at all legally valid,” according to whose law, is my question.

          2. Thanks Bob. I had some of the same stirrings regarding Ken. I think some have given him a pass on the fundraising issue because of all he’s exposed over the years on Jewish power, 9/11, and the war machine. But, he still needs to be accountable for the money and hopefully he eventually will. I don’t know more than that but do know that I’ve seen gate-keeping from Richie Allen and a lot of people were mighty pissed at Igan for defending Zen Gardner when it came out that he had spent 39 years in the pedo-cult ‘Children of God’ and had risen as a leader. We out here in ORDINARY LAND are hard-pressed to know who’s clean and who’s not. For myself, I just try to extract from whomever and whatever seems to advance freedom and decency. Few sources are absolutely clean. But I’m glad you brought this to light and that vid you posted looks important and intense. Will watch soon.


          3. Agreed. I never believed in him being 100% genuine after cnn aired him. Being !00% truthful could be a runaway uncontrollable train for the zio-commies.

          4. Galen-

            I agree with you. Something about Richie Allen really disturbs me to the point that I don’t listen to his material. I did listen to the O’keefe interview however and it was exactly as the comment I quoted states. I too wanted to give him a chance because of his prior work. If you listen to that interview, you will see that Ken is a sniveling little bi*ch. I was embarrassed for him just listening to that one. Here it is, you can hear the guiltiness in his voice and tone:

            I’ve liked Max Igan, but I also have intense reservations about him. Max is really pushing the “spiritual drug culture” which Jan Irvin of gnosticmedia has exposed with his work:

            I recommend Jan’s weekly show. He is currently on the cutting edge.

            Joe Atwill is still at it too. Here is a superb recent podcast that puts many important pieces together:

            I had forgotten about Max defending Zen… Thanks! Let’s all keep up the good work!


  4. Don’t have time for videos this long as a rule, but Sat. is the exception, being there are far fewer articles up.

    American Zionist Council?

    That’s a new one on me, don’t recall ever hearing of it before.

    Hot girlfriend!

        1. Not the same.

          The Constitution defines the limited powers the government is to possess.

          The Bill of Rights defines ‘We the People(s)’ UNALIENABLE rights, something the so-called ‘government’ CANNOT INFRINGE UPON.

    1. #1, I thought the exact same thing.

      “American Zionist Council?”
      “That’s a new one on me, don’t recall ever hearing of it before.”

      1. “American Zionist Council?”

        This was formed in 1949 I think.
        More info above if interested.

  5. Outphuqingstanding broadcast as usual Ken ! My only hope is these kikes will leave you alone . Keep that fire Burning Bright !

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